Kennedy and the New Frontier

In this week’s Rising Tide Foundation lecture, I had the pleasure of introducing historian Pascal Chevrier who delivered his sequel to last week’s Franklin Roosevelt’s Republican Grand Design by introducing the figure of President John F. Kennedy from several valuable frames of reference: His family traditions, his experience in the military during WW2, the geopolitical world in which he lived, his anti-imperial vision and his broader grand design for a world of unbounded exploration and win-win cooperation on earth and in space.

Additionally, we are introduced to John F Kennedy’s continental water management designs, his program for full energy sovereignty, his efforts to end the Cold War by creating a joint US-Russia space program, and his intention to revive FDR’s anti colonial strategy by exporting the best American System principles of the New Deal to Africa, Asia, South America and beyond.

A discussion of the assassination of John F Kennedy and the sabotage of his vision for humanity is also featured in this lecture.

Supplementary Reading Material:

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