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Matt, I think you might be interested in my analysis of Putin's domestic economic policies. I read his St. Petersburg address from Kanekoa's website and included some of it in my episode Reversing the Reset. But a couple of smart viewers questioned whether Putin is part of the Reset, and this is all planned. So I did a deeper dive in another episode on Russia: a Wrench in the Reset Gears? I challenge listeners to come up with better policies, if your purpose is to increase the sovereignty, self-reliance and security of families and small business owners: useless eaters into useful creators. It's brilliant and I suspect that Sergei Glazyev is to credit. I'll have the Substack version with quotes and links up later today but here's the Kanekoa link, the first episode and the YT video and description:



Is Russia a Wrench in the Reset Gears? https://youtu.be/UMlTVW7vxUQ

Is Putin a part of the Great Reset or an unintended consequence of sanctions gone awry? I take a closer look at the economic policies in Putin's St. Petersburg address: inflation protection for pensioners and families, state support for mothers, low-interest infrastructure loans, reduced expense and bureaucracy for entrepreneurs, and eco-friendly tourism with environmental restoration. He tasks regional governments with increasing self-employment and home ownership, and admonishes large business owners that a good name will mean more to their heirs than money and property.

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