Matt and author Whitney Webb have are invaluable catalysts for actual thinking and pressing the points of perspective. There is nothing new under the sun and they do an outstanding job bringing focus. So grateful to have discovered Matt.

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History depends on the presenter, interpretations and the resources the presenter draws from.

It would be nice if Matt disclosed at least some of the resources. I do not question Matt’s intentions but I would like the opportunity to interpret history my own way. Either way, Matt is doing a fabulous job of bringing us closer to the understanding the events that led to today’s events.

It is always interesting to learn how people with zero abilities and/or predispositions become leaders of nations like the in US and Canada. One cannot avoid thinking about history presenting our times on this planet Earth.

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Mathew Ehret and Cynthia Chung are long time and beloved associates, going back to the legacy of Lyndon LaRouche, (Who, BTW, was a 7 time Democratic Candidate for President and railroaded to a 15 year prison sentence in 1986, by none other than the DS, DOJ law fare operative, Robert Mueller, for conspiracy to commit mail fraud). In the words of Yogi Berra, “It’s like Deja Vu all over again). I highly recommend Matt and Cynthia’s works at CanadianPatriot.org and RisingTideFoundation.net; IMO, the modern day Library of Alexandria. As for Jim Fetzer, we are Brothers in Arms, going back many decades. Thrilled you got together.

❤️Wage Peace,

⭐️Keep the Faith,


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