While none of this surprises me one whit, I am still dismayed and filled with apprehension at the level of evil human beings (assuming a psychopath IS technically still considered "human") are able to go to... Thanks, Matt, for helping us understand the details.

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Your breadth amazes me, Matt. I heard you say on an interview that 911 was your wake-up call, which it also was for me. It cured any illusion that there was ANYTHING they wouldn't do.

I also researched these "domestic terrorism" attacks. My first indication that Amy Goodman had been fooled (to be generous) was when she reported on the trial of the Newburgh Four but added that right next door, a real terrorist was being tried. Coincidence? That was the Times Square bomber who abandoned his car with the bomb but conveniently left his wallet in it.

And then there was the underwear bomber, who appeared dazed or drugged to other passengers and had been ushered through security with no luggage or winter coat.

Another package bomb, addressed to a Jewish temple of course, was discovered only after the airport halted all traffic and went through all its luggage and mail a SECOND time. Nice of the bomber to use their real return address.

It goes on, and on. You've added so much to my grasp of the pieces. The data about ALL 138 terrorist incidents being FBI planned is priceless.

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May 26, 2022Liked by Matthew Ehret

Great article. Thanks!

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As always, brilliant. Every human being on this planet should become aware of all of this.

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1. Normal people have no interest in killing children, especially ones they do not know, especially in large numbers.

2. In my view, only people subject to mind control (please investigate Sirhan Sirhan or read about US intelligence agency attempts to create mind controlled assassins beginning in the 1950s) or people taking certain drugs, or special trained assassins are even capable of carrying out such an act.

3. School shootings are the most provocative and effective way to initiate a change in gun laws, which means taking away the guns from some or all of the people who privately own them.

4. The large number of American gun owners pose a daunting challenge to the globalists who wish to control them. Police and military will not be willing to enter the homes of gun owners to remove their guns or for other purposes.

5. Few Europeans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders own guns, and it is believed by many that the imposition of much harsher lockdowns on the citizens of these nations, compared to the US, was enabled by this fact.

6. There have been shortages of guns and ammunition in the US since the onset of the pandemic. Whether this is due to supply-demand, including increased purchases by the federal government, or to other market forces, is not clear.

7. There has been very little exploration into the past history of those who committed mass murders in the US in recent years, especially in schools. I want to know if any or all of these mass murderers may have been enrolled in black mind control projects.

8. I want a full accounting of the mind control programs paid for with taxpayer dollars in the US and elsewhere.

9. I want an investigation into the many thousands of self-reported "targeted individuals" (TIs) who complain of voices beamed into their heads and other forms of what can only be termed torture.

10. I want an investigation into the implants some of these people claim were introduced into their bodies.

11. A reader sent me this piece by David Swanson, revealing that at least a third of mass US shooters have been trained in the US military. Were they put through mind control programs while serving their country?

12. Why have so many assassins and mass shooters appeared to be in an altered state of consciousness immediately after the event, and/or at other times? Think Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, Reagan's attempted assassin whose father was having dinner with GHW Bush the week of the attempt? Has anyone analyzed their behaviors systematically? Their histories and connections to the powerful?

13. We are being attacked in many perverse ways, and we must open our eyes, take our power back, or the attacks will continue and will destroy us. Meryl Nass


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Camp X; Hydra (Hail Hydra!?)






"On the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor and America's entry into the war, Camp X had opened for the purpose of training Allied agents from the Special Operations Executive (SOE), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) intended to be dropped behind enemy lines for clandestine missions as saboteurs and spies."


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According to a trusted source, both the CIA and the FBI were started by Jesuits. The new X looks like the x in the middle of the Masonic symbol. All of these ‘behind the scene’ machinations seem to be leading to the ubiquitous goal of ‘one world governance’ the so called ‘greater good’ of Rerum Novarum. Unfortunately for these hubristic humans they are doomed to failure. Daniel 12:1 “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

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Brilliant stuff! It's like a movie!

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“first 9/11 attack” ? Do you mean first attack on WTC?

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The Abolitionists were the first US terrorists ("Potawatomie John" Brown) and Reconstruction was their Radical Republican legacy.

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"They only call it Terrorism when they don't know who did it or when they did it themselves"......the mainstream propaganda news networks will always give you the correct answer. Remember, right after 9/11.....all you heard was Terrorists and Al-Qaeda.

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Great article. Can you provide a link to the Fordham study? Thanks.

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