In sixth grade, I had an experience I'll never forget.

Miss Pratt (who looked like her name suggests and was my most memorable teacher and who would NEVER be allowed in today's educational system) asked us a question.

"Who discovered the Pacific ocean?"

The first student on whom she called was Sandy, who happened to be sitting in the leftmost front-row seat of the class.

Everyone accepted Sandy as one of, if not THE brightest student in the class.

Sandy stood up and replied, "Magellan."

I couldn't believe my ears. Sandy was wrong!

Miss Pratt told her to sit down and asked the student behind her the same question.

Doug had no clue who discovered the Pacific Ocean. Doug was the class clown. His old man was rich and ran one of the largest businesses in town. School was a waste of time as far as Doug was concerned.

A couple of weeks earlier, while cutting up in class, Miss Pratt sidled up to his desk and slapped him so hard in the head he fell out of his desk and onto the floor. (Lest you worry, she stunted him for life, Doug grew up to own one of the largest transport operations in the South...leading one to believe one CAN slap some sense into another.)

But I digress...

Doug figured he'd play it cool and respond just like Sandy. So, he said, "Magellan."

"Sit down, Doug." (We always stood up in class to answer Miss Pratt's questions.)

Well, the next student, who, also, had no clue who discovered the Pacific Ocean, figured she'd play it safe and go with “Magellan.”

That's how it went down that first row...Magellan, Magellan, Magellan.

Now, I was in row 4, about 1/3 the way down from the front.

I was on the horns of a dilemma.

With each “Magellan,” I could feel the pressure building.

Should I go along with the “crowd," or should I give the correct answer?

I'm telling you, the pressure was palpable!

Then it was my turn.

I was sweating. As I would discover much later during one of my "experiments" with LSD, I also experienced my first out-of-body event.

I stood up, mumbled, "Balboa," and sat down as fast as possible.

By then, I suspect, Miss Pratt was having her own out-of-body experience. She didn't hear me.

She continued to the last student in the last row.

The final tally was Magellan - 27, Balboa - 1.

Miss Pratt then announced the correct answer...”Balboa.”

This happened in 1957. I can pretty much assure you Miss Pratt was not a Tavistock-trained Satanist. (She helped me learn Latin when I became an altar boy.)

Reading the Larouch article, though, I can imagine what it must have been like as a test subject.

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While I believe all the information in this article to be true and also believe that this is a psyop, I personally had a couple experiences in the early 1970's that could not have been done by humans. While I have my own opinion of who they were, it definitely wasn't man. One instance was close up and the other was in space. And I wasn't tripping when I saw what I saw.

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ive seen two objects i cant relate to anything technologically available, one was in 79 the other in 94. still all these years later and nothing comes close

if governments had this sort of kit back in those days they would have used them in combat or something. imagine how far they would have come by now

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Thank you Matt - fantastic work, hugely informative and at the right time.

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Be a good time to tie little flashlights to some helium balloons and let them go at night.

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Tavistock/Club of Rome want to play a new set of illusions on the walls of the Plato's cave they have built for us...

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We are being played.

"Alien attack" is Pearl Harbor 4.0 / 911 - 3.0, that's needed to "unite the whole world", against one common enemy, in one world government.

People are pretty much awake from C19 BS, it seems that long planned agenda is falling apart so they have to harness all the fragments of the agenda at once.

Edit: I don't claim that aliens don't exist, I don't know, but why would they wait for 2000 years to show up and attack us NOW.

People were ready for their appearance right after Will Smith's "Independence day". The earthliens would have excepted them with open arms.

I just claim that "alien attack" will be psy-op from earthly parasitic scum.

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As a experiencer of a CE3 ( close encounter of the third kind ,,,seeing craft and beings ) over thirty years ago now , I can assure you i was not a part of any MK Ultra Pysop. As you have now sniffed around the rim of this rabbit hole ,Ill suggest you go much deeper Mr Ehret ,and return for part 2 of this essay .

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As an aging baby boomer who may have been indoctrinated, I suspect that much of this is true, but not all. We do now know about MK Ultra, and it's likely that this was only the exposed tip of an iceberg. However, every fibre of my being says "NO!" to the idea that the entire human potential movement, including the role of psychedelics, was developed by the CIA & 100% a psyop.

Over the entirety of history, every spiritual movement/religion started off as a genuine search for higher truth - and then became corrupted by the forces of evil, sometimes almost completely, sometimes only in parts. Similarly, the human potential movement started out as a search for inner answers, and resulted in huge changes and inner growth and understanding for many people.

As always, there were power plays, gurus who used their disciples for their own gratification (mostly in addition to at least initially higher motives).

Psychedelics were a part of this - for many people, they acted as a gateway to states of higher consciousness. With time, most of these people moved on, to explore meditation, Eastern religions, other spiritual technologies.

Having lived through it and having seen the results in my own life and my own consciousness, I can testify to it being a generally positive movement - that did get taken over in part by more & more agents of control.

As for alien contact - I've always been agnostic about it. I am inclined to believe that there are many other entities, with different levels of consciousness, that may or may not exist in this material dimension as we know it. Alien technology and spaceships? I'll wait until I see convincing evidence.

But also, we don't want to gaslight people, deny or ridicule their experience.

Best to keep an open mind - and be aware that technology to fake just about anything does exist!

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IMHO, what the most recent stuff they "shot down" was either a kids kite or a seagull. All because they were outed as utterly feckless by letting the first incident get out of hand... and now, like the junior high level maturity these people have, we thing we'll be impressed by all their blow-hard-iness.

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Here is your evidence on their Hologram tech.

South Korea show dragon using 5G


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That's good John.

Seeing is believing.

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I was told long ago -- via a channeled being ... another rabbit hole -- that we'd know the house of cards of the cabal was about to implode when they'd roll out the aliens. (There are ETs though, I do believe, just don't buy into the globalists' roll out.)

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The Horten brothers designed flying wings, nog flying saucers. And it is well known that Reimer went tot Argentina after WWII. There are hours worth of interview footage with the Horten brothers. This article makes it all sound a lot more mysterious than it was. Psyop anyone?

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Project Blue Beam

Scientifically proven: there are no material aliens. The whole universe has been deep scanned in all wavelengths without any result. Yet, we are NOT alone.

Imported by mason Truman, together with many other Nazis, Dr. Wernher Von Braun confessed in 1977 that, in order to weaponize space they prepared 4 fake enemies to control the Earth from space and space itself:

1. A foreign threat: Reagan’s Star Wars program against the USSR

2. A poor rogue nation threat: terrorism (Bin Laden): check 9-11 fake attack chapter (2 planes, 3 towers).

3. Asteroids

4. “the last card is the extraterrestrials card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” 1

NASA was headed by another Operation Paperclip Nazi: Kurt H. Debus. NASA funded a program attended by 24 theologians to assess religions would react to alien contact. They could plant fake alien artefacts under ancient historical sites to change the biblical account on the origin of man (even atheists like Richard Dawkins have claimed an alien origin).

For Bible believers, it is clear: the only physical beings with immortal souls are humans. Still, that doesn’t stop fallen angels (demons) to create illusions or even material objects or beings. Angels can form apparently living bodies out of thin air, either in the shape of humans, donkey or snake. Since they can’t create life, they fake it as holding a puppet or meat glove. So when people talk about inter or multi-dimensional ETs they might be referring to demons, but they are not interdimensional since they live in the only unique universe we share.


13 Mar 1997 Phoenix lights.2

10 Nov 2010 Phoenix lights: just flares.3

09 Oct 2015 Chinese hologram of a flying city.4

24 Sep 2020 Green beams in Milton Keynes, UK.5

05 Jun 2022 Queen Elizabeth’s hologram.6

Especially since the 70s, we are being bombarded with alien movies, series, songs, etc. Obama and Netflix push that there are UFOs in US airspace.

Something’s on, with UFOs. Among sightings in many countries, “US investigations into UFOs include:

Project Blue Book, previously Project Sign and Project Grudge, conducted by the USAF from 1947 until 1969

• The secret U.S. Army/Air Force Project Twinkle investigation into green fireballs (1948–1951)

• Ghost rockets investigations by the Swedish, UK, U.S., and Greek militaries (1946–1947)

• The secret CIA Office of Scientific Investigation (OS/I) study (1952–53)

• The secret CIA Robertson Panel (1953)

• The secret USAF Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 by the Battelle Memorial Institute (1951–1954)

• The Brookings Report (1960), commissioned by NASA

• The public Condon Committee (1966–1968)

• The private, internal RAND Corporation study (1968)

• The private Sturrock panel (1998)

• The secret Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program which was funded from 2007 to 2012.

• The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, a continuing program within the United States Office of Naval Intelligence which was acknowledged in 2017.

Thousands of documents released under FOIA also indicate that many U.S. intelligence agencies collected (and still collect) information on UFOs. These agencies include the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), FBI, CIA, National Security Agency (NSA), as well as military intelligence agencies of the Army and U.S. Navy, in addition to the Air Force.” 7

29 Apr 2020. The Pentagon officially releases UFO videos.8

25 Jun 2021. The Pentagon UFO Report: 144 observations of "unidentified aerial phenomena" by the U.S Armed Forces, mostly from U.S. Navy personnel, from 2004 to 2021: 9

• Airborne Clutter: These objects include birds, balloons, recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or airborne debris like plastic bags that muddle a scene and affect an operator's ability to identify true targets, such as enemy aircraft.

• Natural Atmospheric Phenomena: Natural atmospheric phenomena includes ice crystals, moisture, and thermal fluctuations that may register on some infrared and radar systems.

• USG or Industry Developmental Programs: Some UAP observations could be attributable to developments and classified programs by U.S. entities. The report was unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the UAP reports we collected.

• Foreign Adversary Systems: Some UAP may be technologies deployed by China, Russia, another nation, or a non-governmental entity.

• Other: Although most of the UAP described in our dataset probably remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection processing or analysis, we may require additional scientific knowledge to successfully collect on, analyze and characterize some of them.

23 Nov 2021. The Pentagon created the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, to investigate UFOs that may compromise the airspace of the United States (including balloons).10

They could be planning an alien guided crisis towards world government:

• Demonic or holographic UFOs, or Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Krishna merging into one in sky, ETs. 11

• Demonic or beamed voices into brains to make believe God is speaking to them (priming for an anti-Christ, Mahdi, etc.).12

We don’t know all the reasons behind the 5G supported chemtrail mesh or why haccinated emit Bluetooth signals and even the unvaxxed show graphene magnetism in their foreheads. It could be related… or not.

Is it just paranoia? There seems to be a logical trail of facts pointing in one direction: if it happens, it would be another confirmed conspiracy.

Shocking future post here: http://scientificprogress.substack.com

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Clearly being played

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I have to believe that most of this stuff, for lack of a better word, is designed to attract taxpayer grant money.

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Please tell me that is a rhetorical question.

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