I could never believe that Russia and China were part of the NWO plot.

They both have strong national identities and they both despise the deep corruption in our society. While the NWO psychopaths are deeply corrupted in disgusting ways.

Thank you for this article, an eyes opening picture of Russia.

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Not part of the NWO? You are looking at geopolitical realities and ignoring sociological one. Putin has no issue with the core tenets of Western Civilization being what Jacques Ellul describes as Technique. And to bastardize what he Ellul means Technology. The NWO is a sociological techno-pagan reality and not a geopolitical one except for a 1 world government ruled from Basra.

The article above hones in on CIA’s involvement in looting Russia in the 1990s; but the author could easily follow this article up with the looting of Russia in 1919. Putin may be purging CIA assets, but how many MI6 and Mossad assets remain? If you have ever heard the drivel that Dugin spews he’d be right at home beside Joseph Smith, Elijah Muhammad, and countless other devil worshippers guiding religions

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This is a difficult battle, one that I appreciate knowing intelligent people are aware of the serious consequences if not fought and won. Great article.

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Matt you are a gold mine of truth.Keep digging away! That is why I support you.

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What US did to provoke Russia? https://rumble.com/vw1q27-us-is-always-the-baddie.html

Hypocrites condemn Putin for keeping US nukes out of Ukraine but not Kennedy for keeping nukes out of Cuba.


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grossly OT but incredibly moving: heartfelt account of Julian Assange and Stelle Moris' wedding inside Belmarsh prison by Craig Murray (granted permission by the prison authorities to attend) - https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/03/free-enduring-love/#respond

pls share

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Dude, too late, they already lost a lot of money, why not bring it back before the war?

Stupid stupid stupid stupid

i just heard Russia approved pfizer paxlovid.

China is also big on the convid bandwagon.

Any leader that is silent about 911 and convid is a piece of crap


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I just heard that there are many paid trolls on the internet 🙄

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