It's been great to read your posts on this, Matt. I linked back to two of yours and one of Cynthia's in my recent episode: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/inflation-colonization. Important stuff to keep paying attention to, along with understanding the true history of the Weimar debt genocide, which is what we should be calling it since hyperinflation was the symptom, not the cause.

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Thanks Matt for a perfect summary of our current predicament, based on Historical Truths.

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Predicament is an interesting description.

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Is it possible for individual states to join BRICS?

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yes, any sovereign nation is free to join the BRICS

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If they form a Separate Sovereign nation outside the country’s jurisdiction and acknowledged by the UN. This is happening in Australia with the First Nation people.

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You're thinking along my lines, nickij. My ideas in my stack and my book aren't exactly that, but they're along the same lines of decentralized economies that control their own trade alliances.


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Here is a he link to Mike Gills disclosures.


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There is another reason for this bailout. Just before the bank run Mike Gill disclosed massive racketeering in New Hampshire claiming it is the base of all money laundering drugs guns gambling and sex trade.

Someone got wind of this and within 10 hours $42b was relocated from SVB before it was shut down.

The speed and size of the bailouts shows how high the problem goes to the head of the Fed and POTUS. They will print whatever it takes to stop the public finding out the truth about this level of corruption.

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Great work , Matt.

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Matt, besides your alternatives of bail-outs, bail ins and interest hikes, there is a fourth alternative you failed to mention, modern monetary theory (MMT), which holds the promise of debt cancellation without inflation. The Fed simply prints enough money for the federal government to pay all its debts (except social security) and the government makes sure that all the extra money goes into the sink of private wealth and control while none of it goes to those who would spend it on consumer goods. The billionaire class will spend that money wisely to maintain its control and hoard the rest. In that way, partisan Democrats and Republicans as well as the military will have enough money to live while all others will own (and have) nothing and be happy as they starve.. /sarc (I hope)

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I think it's full of holes, and too far removed from the principles of physical economy which I have studied from Hamilton to Henry Carey, Friedrich List and into the 20th century. Every time this system which has scientific, historic and moral precedents has been applied, humanity has been brought into line with natural law, and every time we have been induced to abandon it, we fail. MMT appears to take the outward costume of some of this, and then detaches it from any concept of principle associated with the american system of political economy

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A New Monetary System with A New National Bank

A Nation’s Monetary System could be, and should be, this simple…..

A Nation’s money is owned by the citizens of the Nation.

The value of a Nation’s money is determined by the productivity (labor) of the Nation’s citizenry as expressed in the quantity and quality of the goods and services produced by the Nation’s citizenry.

A Nation’s Treasury Department adds money to a Nation’s economy through a National Bank.

A Nation’s Treasury Department subtracts money from a Nation’s economy through tax collection, i.e. Internal Revenue Service.

A National Bank manages the Nation’s money supply.

Loans increase a Nation’s money supply.

Loan repayment and taxes decrease a Nation’s money supply.

Loan interest rates control how quickly a Nation’s money supply will increase.

Tax rates control how quickly a Nation’s money supply will decrease.

A National Bank is owned by a Nation’s citizens and therefore the interest received from loans will never be siphoned off as profits to any private owner.

Only independent sovereign nations can establish a National Bank to manage the Nation’s money.

The National Bank is subordinate to the Nation’s Treasury Department.

The National Bank does not sell ownership rights to the Bank to citizens using stocks or bonds.

The National Bank is forbidden from buying and owning and trading assets, including stocks, bonds, and mortgages, both domestic and foreign.

The National Bank of an independent sovereign Nation does not need investors to buy National Bank stock and/or bonds in order for the National Bank to then loan that money to borrowers.

Only the National Bank is authorized to create money by making loans to citizens and businesses, to Federal Government Agencies, and to State and Local Government Agencies.

National Bank Branches will be located in each Postal District throughout the nation.

National Bank Branches will manage loans:

Issuing, setting interest rates, evaluating applicant’s loan needs and applicant’s capability to repay their loan’s interest and principal.

Loan Types:

Monthly Revolving Credit Card:

The higher the monthly credit card limit, the higher the interest rate.

Transportation Vehicle Loan:

The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the interest rate.

Home Mortgage Loan:

The more expensive the home, the higher the interest rate.

Personal Loan:

The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest rate.

Business Loan for Business Expenses:

The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest rate.

New Business Start-Up Loan:

The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest rate. A maximum loan amount will be determined based upon risk of success or failure of the New Business. New Businesses can seek loans from non-Bank investment lenders.

Federal Government Agencies:

The National Bank will issue loans to Federal Government Agencies that will be repaid from Federal property and sales taxes, and tariffs.

State and Local Governments Agencies:

The National Bank will issue loans to State and Local Government Agencies that will be repaid from State and Local property and sales taxes.

Loans and taxes can only be paid in Bank money.

There shall be no Federal, State, and Local income taxes (personal and business). There shall only be Federal, State, and Local property and sales taxes.

Only the Federal Government can levy tariffs.

Loan interest rates and tax rates are modified to control the money supply, and thereby inflation.

Government agencies contract goods and services from citizens and businesses and other government agencies.

Federal, State and Local Government agencies submit budget requests to their governing elected representatives. Budget requests will either be approved, denied, or modified by the governing elected representatives. Approved budget requests are recorded in a national database that National Bank managers can search to confirm loan applications from Federal, State and Local Government agencies.

Welfare is a no-interest non-repayable loan (gift) to citizens based upon their poverty.

Welfare recipients have to agree to a contract with the National Bank requiring the welfare recipient to change their detrimental and self-destructive lifestyle behaviors and habits, fulfill training goals, and fulfill minimum employment requirements.

Only independent sovereign nations can control their own money supply by loaning and taxing, while individual citizens can control their personal money supply (wealth) by loaning (investing) their personal accumulated money supply (wealth) to other citizens and businesses, domestic and foreign.


William’s Substack | William Pritting | Substack


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I agree. Every country must have it’s own bank - a peoples bank. Make the Central banks irrelevant.

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