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Thank you, Matt, for articulating what is going on. The reality of what is happening is beyond belief. 9/11 was bad enough, as the 'New Pearl Harbour' called for by the Cheney led gang of war-criminals. This is orders of magnitude worse - a Plandemic whose purposes include forced vaccination using terror of the bio-engineered 'virus' and its pre-made 'variants', itself a market of hundreds of trillions of dollars for Big Pharma, plus the other genocidal agendas to follow - genetic alteration of humanity, severe limitation or destruction of human reproductive capacity, reduction of population to levels the 0.0001% vermin want, elimination of undesirables like seniors or racially 'disadvantaged', and the targeted destruction of China and Russia, major powers who won't bow to Washington's orders... As usual, the victim is blamed.... as with 'savages' and 'terrorists'.

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Matt articulates a far more plausible scenario for the origins of COVID than anything promulgated in the mainstream media by providing us with some links to the sinister motives of those who would like to cast aspersions on China. One can go back even further to the nefarious history of U.S. experimentation with bioweapons. MK Ultra is now an account of irrefutable record. Also related is Edward T. Haslan's well documented book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, which details the notorious interest the CIA took in vaccines for uses other than humanitarian.

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