Matt, good to hear your reference to the "Mandate of Heaven." Knowing that the Mandate may be withdrawn if they do not serve the interests of the population at large moderates the actions of the ruling elite of China. They believe that if they become too selfish and ignore the need of the nation, that the Mandate will be withdrawn and they will be vulnerable to revolution, which can easily cost them their lives. It is this firm belief in the Mandate of Heaven that keeps the bulk of elites focused on long term goals rather than short term advantage and corruption.

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Very insightful and thought-provoking, as usual!

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This is a brilliant, coherent progression, Matt, that covers such a crucial history. I'll also look at the Pepe Escobar article to get more background. Grateful for your comprehensive work.

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Fantastic. Thank you.

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Whenever I read about the multi-focal economic system as an alternative to the US ruled, uni-focal Dollar driven system, I think it’s planned.

Why? Because Klaus told us this would be our future.

And the Trillions spent on Covid was planned to effectively destroy those US dollar - pound - euro - Western Economies ON PURPOSE. So the existing fiat systems can be seamlessly replaced by ‘interoperable’ CBDC’s. All the same as under one governance vehicle. UN? WHO?

Why even the UK Chancellor that increased Debt to GDP to 99.5% is borrowing ever more during his selected Reign. Aka UK now a failed economy as is US that was improving pre-2019.

And I wonder if the war is about ultimate control over the Global Digital systems to be. Russia China BRICS vs Klaus US UK EU.

End result for the punters is digital fascistic Authoritarianism.

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I totally wish I had a view of history or present day reality which would let me believe this. Please explain to me how we can have faith in ideas put forth by those nation states and political forces which remain as partners of what is put forth by the totalitarian insanity of the World Economic Forum? Hope I am not asking too much here. I would like to know which of these forces are working against this totalitarianism to honestly create a better world. Russia adapts social credit scoring. China - well it is nearly impossible to get accurate information about China. Trust is essential and trust requires abundant truthful information and real free speech. We are all immersed in this Psychological Operation.

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I wonder have you ever included the LaRouche Organisation/Schiller Institute in any of your articles? They seem to be very active at the moment, conferences with prominent speakers, their youth members heckling AOC in meetings, being included on the "kill list". Just curious why not many people, if any, mention them or LaRouche's history. I've only just started watching them; they sound interesting.

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....transformative program that has pulled 800 billion souls out of poverty.....

Matt, I think you meant 800million, not billion!

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Western Financial Collapse has been PLANNED since at least the War of 1812 when the British Monarchy AGAIN suffered tremendous humiliation and Military loss to the United States. Or, perhaps it's been since the Russian Navy stopped the Foreign Occupation of the British and French on the West Coast during the raging Civil War...The exact date is contingent upon whatever history one subscribes to.

At any rate, in the eyes of the Ruling Class Elite, the U.S. HAS HAD TO END AS IT WAS/IS AN ENDLESS INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD TO RISE-UP TO OPPOSE THE DELUSIONAL RULING ELITES BELIEVING THEMSELVES GODS. There are/were simply too many of deplorable 'Dirty, Unwashed, Starving in endless Masses' than there are/were of the Ruling Elites and THAT IS/WAS TERRIFYING.

Meetings of the British Royals to discuss ways to create the appearance of BEING THE PROVERBIAL ALTRUISTIC SOCIAL WORKERS NECESSITY FOR SOCIETY is/was no secret. The Ruling Elites KNEW AND KNOW they really have/had NO NECESSARY PLACE IN SOCIETY SUCKING OFF THE TAXES OF A POPULATION THAT DIDN'T NEED THEM.


The International Banker/Corporatist Mafia has not only supported, financed, educated/trained for the advancement of the CCP/China and its Military with and by Advanced Western Methods; it used Hitler's Nazi Data and Scientists covertly shipped into the west to IMPLEMENT TECHNOCRATIC-FEUDAL NAZI PRINCIPLES AS METHODOLOGY FOR EXPERIMENTES ONTO THE WHOLE CHINESE POPULATION while deriving Universal Surveillance/Data Harvesting to better determine concise methods for obtaining ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER ALL PEOPLE as all fictional and not so fictional Supervillain Psycho-Predators obsess to have.

This financial collapse has been planned for centuries and is based upon the UNPREDICTABILITY OF THE REBELIOUS U.S. POPULATION AND MILITARY STRENGTH TO BE FEARED. For the first time in history; the Psycho-Predators actually have the technology to achieve their dystopian obsession and they're GOING ALL OUT FOR IT...With every tool in their Tech Arsenal possible. There's no doubt, if they must resort to an ALL-OUT BLOODY COUPE A LA HITLER/STALIN/MAO; it will happen. Psycho-Predators do not spend endless amounts of time, money and energy to fail in attaining their obsessive objectives, do they?

The fraudulent/cheat Elections installing weak, greedy, insane foreign agents into positions of power in the U.S. CLEARLY DELIBERATELY WEAKEN THE U.S. while the CCP is DELIBERATELY STRENGTHENED.

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Something i cant understand--we have a big collapse coming, earnings have been terrible, interest rates are going to be going higher for the foreseeable future--yet the US markets seem to be going up every day. I know they had a bit of a down year last year but the last few months theyve been doing great. I dont get it.

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