For a young man, you have accumulated a lot of knowledge. Continue to use it with wisdom and understanding. Your wife has these qualities as well. Thank you both for sharing your insights.

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You are on fire lately, my friend.

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America will ignore RFK’s disclosure as to the CIA’s complicity in Assassination’s, Bio-Weapon’s, and Mind F*ck Mockingbird predicative programming at their own peril. China has admitted the Cultural Revolution was horrific and since repented. “We the People”, within the U.S. of America, remain in denial and a hostage to the CIA-Huxley, (Doors of Perception), programmed, “ Drug, Sex, and Rock’n Roll”, Counter Culture Revolution of the 50’s and 60’s

“The Angel of Death has been abroad throughout the land; you may almost hear the beating of his wings” - John Bright

❤️Wage Peace,

⭐️Keep the Faith



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