Yes! I did an episode on this Glazyev interview called The West vs The Rest. I concur with PJ that Hudson (on whom I've done several episodes) asked a very interesting question about dollarized debts, and Glazyev's answer (that there was no need to repay them) was revolutionary. It's a little breathtaking to see the trends I identified in my book, How to Dismantle an Empire, reach fruition at such breakneck speed. I'm so glad that you're reporting on them.

The conclusion in my book was taking the principles of Glazyev / Hudson and figuring out how to apply them on a micro-scale. I talk about this in today's YouTube, Build a New Model. I'll post the link to the Substack when it's finished. It's an exciting time, despite the turmoil, but those of us who live under imperial currencies need to protect our community assets because they'll be the only things left to grab!




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Dear Matthew:

I read your latest Substack article that features the BRI projects, the current status of CPEC, and the current work of Minister Sergei Glazyev. This meshes well with your Lee Rockwell appearance this weekend and your lecture on the span from St. Augustine to Thomas More.

You used the terms “parasite” and “host” to describe the Babylonian-Venetians and the places where they decamped.

I note that Prof. Michael Hudson, a scholar of debt relations going back to Sumer, wrote books entitled “Killing the Host” and “And Forgive Them Their Debts”, which addressed debt history and the centrality of debt forgiveness to Judaism (before Hillel) and Christianity. See Leviticus 25:10, Isaiah 61:1-4, and Luke Chapter 4 (Jesus’ first sermon in a synagogue).

I make the case again to pursue synergistic discussion with Michael Hudson. He considers Minister Glazyev as an ally in Modern Monetary Theory. I dare say that Minister Glazyev has applied “Superimperialism” and “Global Fracture” in real time.

Thank you very much again for the work you are doing to induce me to know myself, learn how I think, focus on Ideas and Spirit, and improve myself in humanity.


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Will the Taliban's continuing slaughter of Afghan Tajiks hold up the rail line?

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The article takes my thoughts back to Greece, when the country changed to the euro and was plunged into debt, Greece had many assets, therefore how could they be enslaved into a system which instantaneously destroyed their economy. Greece relied on tourism as part of their economy therefore their own monetary system became stronger in the summer months and weakened during the winter which balanced the economy. Around 1990, the E.U. brought out a directive which stated car manufacturers had to pay compensation to franchise companies if the manufacturers decided to terminate a franchise company, which would become law within two years, what happened, most all of the car manufacturers terminated hundreds of small and medium sized franchises before the directive became law. Is the Public Sector destroying the Private Sector ? The public sector at one time was there to look after the public services and the private sector was there to build the profits making tax to sustain the public sector. Some public sector salaries have increased well beyond the cost of living, while profits and salaries have become unsustainable in many private companies. Have governments in the West aligned themselves more with the E.U. building their own private sector while stripping the assets of the Western countries ? Are some Charity Foundations giving extraordinary amounts of money to many sectors to push an agenda which will have catastrophic consequences to the balance of the economy and life itself ? Due to E.U. rules and regulations many farmers rely on subsidies, what if those subsidies were held back, would the farmers lose their farms, only to be bought up by those who held back the payments ? Are we in a situation where the system is being damaged from within, should the Justice System be applying the rule of law by protecting our Fundamental Laws and Constitutional Rights ? The fiat currency has been abused, the NWO total reset is not the answer, as that amounts to enslavement, the future can be much brighter for all, once the damage has been dismantled.

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