Congrats on showing such patience with Ryan Cristian in the panel discussion Matthew.

I constantly hear this same line bleated down here in NZ, that Russia and China are all part of the Mr Global conspiracy and reset. NZers and Aussies are some of the most programmed races on earth when it comes to systematic and generationally institutionalised Russia/Sinophobia.

So many people seem to be incapable of breaking free of this mindset which they seem to have as some sort of infantile comfort zone of retreat. My simple answer to them is that if these two countries were championing the same Mr Global reset, then all of us would have found ourselves in a globally organised gulag long before now.

They seem to be incapable at looking at the fact that ~90% of the population of the world is clamouring to join the new Zone B cooperative group. This is simply because they know now that the West's predatory imperial colonisation has gone on for centuries and would never ever change voluntarily.

None of this would happen without a parallel alternative materialising which could offer a whole new paradigm in cooperative trading relationships between so-called wealthy countries and the non-aligned and emerging economies.

Here we are now being offered this on a plate and the Ryan's of this world are so stuck in prejudice and narrow thinking that they seem utterly incapable of seeing the wood for the trees.

Cheers and regards


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Right on.

Not to mention that Danny seems to be utterly unaware of anything about "Covid" beyond the MSM "narrative" that is a fairy tale wagging the slog (I just made that up). Bleah. I'm trying to keep that "virus" nonsense outta my diet.

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I agree with you Ehret that China and Russia may not be motivated by the same Malthusian ideas and therefore may not be as abhorrent or dangerous as the Western Black Nobility or whatever we want to call them. Great that they are actually helping Africa. But just because they are the lesser of two evils, doesn’t make them good. At least for our cultural values of freedom, the best is indeed the good side of the West - what we have always said we stood for but rarely actually have in reality. Those of us who see this are the only ones who can save us, I think. We need to remind others in the West why those western values are indeed noble and worth upholding.

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And upholding them doesn’t mean fighting other countries. It means holding out own governments to account in the treatment of its own citizens and those of other countries.

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It's been pretty elusive, the handle on those "western values." I'd go so far as to say HUMAN values, but every time we've seen them sort of get moving, some giant boot comes down and squishes them...

I think we are seeing what happens when the SYSTEM needs a HUGE overhaul, and I mean not just political systems, but FINANCIAL systems... I would say that allowing the wealth of any one individual to become so great as to overwhelm moral responsibility is a sign of sickness... I know, that's a provocative thing to say.

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"Holding out own governments to account in the treatment of its own citizens and those of other countries."

Would you like to list some salient examples of this occuring... I'm certainly scratching my head.

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I want to point out to all on this talk that YES THE WEF has been talking about a MULTIPOLAR world for a long while now, in it’s predictions of the future. For example, see point 3:


Hence why I tend to agree with TLAV and Corbett that Russia and China are on board with the general thrust towards the things we all don’t want, like owning nothing, having little access to meat, carbon credit-social credit scores etc. I don’t think the WEF cares about US hegemony anyway, as long as the usual string pullers have control over the new global government

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Removed (Banned)Aug 19, 2022
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I wanna believe Matt’s narrative, but this seems discordant: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/chinas-covid-hysteria-dark-experiment-social-conditioning

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There's stupid everywhere. China's no exception. Rather than getting charged up with emotionally intense videos and images as if these things are happening in every supermarket across China, ask yourself, is China destroying their citizens and cultural traditions or not? For 2.5 years China has fought off all pressure to introduce MRNA gene therapy vaxes in defense of their people. Government mandates on the mainland for forced vaccines lasted a total of TWO days in July and were immediately repealed. The population's productive forces of labor are increasing faster than any other nation in the world along with quality of life, longevity, education, GDP and job opportunities per capita. On top of that, China has also made Hydroxychloroquine zinc treatments widely available since day one. HSBC-CIA managed Hong Kong and Taiwan are different stories.

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I didn’t know they only had mandates for two days, how interesting that those that had the most authoritarian lock downs would not mandate a vaccine, nor allow mRNA. I certainly would prefer a short, hard lock down to a vaccine mandate any day

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Hmmm Zerohedge as a source... kind of says it all really!

ZH IMO is simply one of the most fickle, run with the hares and hunt with the hounds, platforms that ever occupied the internet.

Remember too that the Chinese have had just about everything in the book thrown at them by the western imperialists when it comes to bioweapons being seeded in their country. As such they have a somewhat different and more reactive attitude [who coiuld blame them] towards protecting their population which, by they way, has been waning in demographic profile now for two generations.

Also their Sinovac product is not an mRNA platform drug... it is a traditional inactivated type vaccine.

Indeed, it is actually technically a vaccine unlike the horrendously toxic western mRNA potions which are genetically coded to instruct the recipients cells to produce a dangerous synthetic form of the toxic spike protein. The mRNA products are NOT vaccines by any stretch of the imagination... they are experimental bio-weapons!

I don't respect any of these products regardless of their platform simply because if a combined preventative/prophylactic protocol of IVM, HCQ, Zinc, Vits C&D, were readily available, any of the so-called Covid variants would have about the same mortality rate as the common cold. All this has been known since early 2020.

Also even virology 101 tells us that no vaccine has ever even reached 20% efficacy for controlling respiratory viruses in mammals. When it comes to RNA viruses they are worse than useless because these pathogens are so extraordinarily mutagenic that the vaccine never catches up and only drives the virus to mutate even more.

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