Forget Capitalism and Communism and Feudalism, people need to focus and concentrate on modern Fascism and Technocracy, which are today’s threats to Constitutionalism and Personal Liberty, Personal Rights, and especially Personal Property Ownership Rights.

King Charles and the Globalists set meeting for September at which they will plot how to accelerate goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the complete digitization of humanity.


The UN desperately wants a Global Tax to fund its implementation of a One World Global Government.

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 6

Reforms to the International Financial Architecture

MAY 2023


“Our Common Agenda is aimed at turbocharging the 2030 Agenda and making the Sustainable Development Goals real in the lives of people everywhere. Because halfway to 2030, we are far off track. We will only make up lost ground by addressing the gaps and challenges that have emerged since 2015 – including gaps in intergovernmental cooperation."

Remarks by the Secretary-General

February 2023



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Leo Hohmann link is welcome! Thanks! xx

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Thank you very much Matthew for analyzing and sharing the truth. The

USA-USA-USA chant requires a revision, that much is for real.

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Excellent post, Ehret. All one has to do in comparing America or Canada's government style to China's is look at how many people have been lifted out of poverty, how much their GDP has increased, how strong their currency has become, how happy the citizens are, how much state-of-the-art public transportation has been created, the improvement in air and water quality, commercial and residential development, manufacturing capability, and a host of other miracles performed in China over the past 40 years.

I've witnessed firsthand all of these miracles over the past 21 years as one who has lived, worked and done business all over China. It's nothing short of miraculous.

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Thank you for clarifying how labels can be misleading. This is a very helpful analysis. A couple of questions arise that I'd appreciate you addressing in future posts:

1. In addition to the prevalent false notions you unpack above, what about claims of ubiquitous surveillance and control in China, via the social credit score system? What's the reality about that? Please flesh this out for those of us who are genuinely curious about China.

2. Another label that has been played fast and loose with all over the political and social spectrum is "fascism." (e.g., people questioning the official covid narrative have been called fascist!) You and Cynthia Chung write about it a lot, and I highly value your work, but haven't yet succeeded in locating in your or her writings a succinct definition of what you mean by "fascism." I personally tend to think of it as the merger of corporate and state power, often with added aspects of demonizing certain undesirable demographic groups. Am I off base here? Please remind us specifically what you mean by "fascism". Thank you!

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Whenever the msm says “he’s a bad guy”, flip it 180 to get closer to the truth. Ie, Ghaddafi.

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Labels are indeed misleading yet you continuously mislabel the dodgy dealings coming from the City of London as British. The British Empire was never British and the City has never been British either.

You know this and yet you persist.

Call the spade a spade, Matthew. The entity which causes so much grief and misinformation about geo-politics is the Venetian Black Nobility's Empire operating out of the City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican. They are not communists or capitalists or feudalists or any other kind of 'ist'. They are the hidden, undefeated, Nimrod-worshipping Roman Empire which is shielded from the light by daring to occupy one square mile in the British capital. It is an obscenity that good historians like yourself, who really DO know better, persist in mislabelling and, therefore, with the use of ONE WORD, misleading your readers.

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Big work , Matthew, and Cynthia, deeply grateful and indebted to your efforts, at opening doors to

enable the search for truth. It is truly empowering, both materially and spiritually.

From Australia, many thanks.

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J Hayek pointed out that the word capitalism is a neologism invented in the early 20 C. Marx spoke of capital but not of capitalism. The purpose of the invention was to create a false dichotomy of opposing economic systems: communism versus capitalism. The true issue is liberty versus dictatorship. A free people may choose to be industrious and capital formation is possible under such conditions. But it’s a choice. Such a people would be equally free to devote themselves minimally to work and mostly to spiritual enlightenment.

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I'm proud to say I feel way more nominal these days thanks to the work of the Canadian Patriot and Rising Tide Foundation ~ so much appreciation for the work you two are sharing especially C & M!!!

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Matt joins the crowd of commentators of the present and past conditions in the systems of government. As of now, I never red any suggestion on how to improve or change the systems. Is it at all possible? Between fundamental human nature and the SYSTEMS there is a correlation that is more difficult to comprehend than the hidden secrets of life on the moon.

As much as the analysis bring into focus history and present realities , in summary it represents a photograph that may find its place in some photo album in a box in the attic.

American constitution provides a solution on how to deal with an oppressive government but will the people ever get organized to execute their right.

No wonder we have religion to ease the pain because somewhere, sometime the conclusion was reached that the Bible and Bible alike will settle the issues of this world.

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Mr. Ehret did a great job of summarizing the ongoing politics in the US and Canada.

These words and analysis most likely reach only very few. American and Canadian voters represent in the majority an ignorant mob who exercise their voting rights like a kid who chooses his toys. Is it possible to change that reality? Dictatorship is a formula for disasters, American and Canadian “democracy” is fake, communism a utopia. World history shows that there has never been a solution found on how to govern a state. By now we learned a great deal how these different systems of governments work and all we lack is a conclusion. American constitution went as far as allowing people to be armed to deal with an oppressive government. Internet has creating greater opportunities of organizing.

My intellectual limitations allow me to only face the facts. Is there someone who can draw a potential perspective on the future?

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Things are not exactly what they seem in Canada and the United States. There is a clear definition of the haves and have-nots. Yet, is it really the matter of the American Dream to get ahead?

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