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Yes, important that you noted that China and Russia are not using untested mRNA vaccine technology.

In regards to China's social credit system, China-based journalist Ian Goodrum said that the penalties are all targeted at very wealthy people who break laws. I have not looked up the laws to verify, but the two examples he gave were:

1) Not being allowed to ride on the fastest high-speed trains (you'd still be able to ride on high speed trains, just not on the very fastest ones)

2) you wouldn't be allowed to send your kids to the most elite private schools.

The examples he gave of infractions that lower your credit were smoking in non-smoking public places, and speeding tickets.

When I look at this, it makes a lot of sense to me. Because, in other countries, if a very wealthy person gets a speeding ticket, they don't care. The ticket is chump change, and the increase in their auto insurance rates are also a chump change to them. So there's no incentive for these wealthy people to obey the laws...... in China, there now is, due to the social credit system. Brilliant.

If anyone reading this wants to do look up the actual social credit law, and confirm what Ian Goodrum has said, I would be very appreciative of that. Like I said, I haven't verified it.

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Very good article that describes the current situation very well. I come to the same conclusion as you. When I saw the ZeroHedge article of October 17: China Condemns US & Canada For Joint Warship Sail Throughs Of Taiwan Strait, I thought there was something fishy going on there. If it is true that China has so much influence on Canada, how come a Canadian navy ship is sailing jointly with a US navy ship near the coast of China. Again this morning on the website of L'informateur there was an article in French: Un rapport français documente les vastes opérations d'influence du régime chinois au Canada.


It is certain that we are being taken for a ride and that we are all being manipulated by a psychological operation coming from the "five eyes" of intelligence and military partnership.


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TQ for the article. Very true: '...the only thing which [organisations controlled by] Schwab, Soros or Kissinger admire is China’s centralized power structures and social credit systems...'; and '...Power hungry imperialists very much enjoy centralized national controls [but not ]for the simple reason that...', but for all others besides themselves. They are the ones making (up) the rules, not abiding by them. But for their unusual NWO-mindset I cannot understand how they want to achieve long-term progress in a tyranny. Illusions of grandeur?

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I totally agree with you Matt. China is too exposed in Western propaganda. You couldn't listen to the BBC for the first 15 minutes without the British starting to blame Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Who knows which of the regional politicians (Soros-operatives) is building this, but "The OneWorlders" use two blows, or three. These can also be political concentration camps. Or for future POW? I don’t speak French, so I had to translate this.


It smells like propaganda, because the two main contributors in the article have ties to the USA.

“According to Dr. Sean Lin all these maneuvers are also aimed at strengthening the management of social affairs at the local level, "the objective of the CCP is to strengthen its control."”

“If there are no PCR tests, all of the epidemic prevention measures adopted by the CCP are more like political campaigns. For example, you can be quarantined at any time and placed in an isolation site. And isolation sites can also become places of political persecution, ”he explains.”

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