"Under Vesting Order 248, the U.S. federal government seized all of Prescott’s properties on October 22, 1942."

Worth noting that when the assets were seized under "Trading with the Enemy" it was reported as a change of address to 120 Broadway without noting it was the Alien Property office... that money was quietly returned after the war and Prescott Bush used it to fund his Senate campaign. Best source documenting this is Antony Sutton in 'America's Secret Establishment - Introduction to Skull & Bones or Kris Milligan companion "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones"

Antony Sutton -



Kris Millegan - Based on Chapter 17 of Fleshing Out Skull & Bones


THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH - The Bush Family Oligarchy: Financiers of the Third Reich



Washington center of power -




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The more I read, the more I learn how little I understand of global politics. As a right winger I am, of course, convinced of the virtue of right wing politics, yet reluctantly, I am forced to recognise that left wing politics has resisted the excesses of corporate greed and power hungry tyrants in the past. However, this now seems the malaise of the American left, with Democrats evidently colluding with Silicone valley to impose the worst excesses of socialism, and its inevitable march to fascism on the country. It all get's very confusing.

However, what has struck me intuitively is the role of Russia, China and, perhaps to a lesser extent, India in all this.

Whilst the smokescreen of a New World Order as articulated by Klaus Schwab of the WEF swirls around as the major threat to democracy, who in their right mind would imagine Putin, Xi and Modi, with approaching half the worlds population to contend with, would dance to the tune of Klaus Schwab?

Schwab's Ponzi scheme has attracted the attention of some of the worlds most influential suckers, including Prince Charles and Bill Gates. Schwab is an elaborate con man, straight out the playbook of Bernie Madoff, but with political ambitions. The worlds attention has been magically drawn to this shell game, doubtless encouraged by those with a more sinister agenda. The left condemns concerns as conspiracy theories, whilst Schwab and Co. are happy to write and talk about their ambitions.

Meanwhile, salvation from global tyranny, or at least western tyranny, may be in the form of Putin and Xi. Whilst they're cruel about it, they continue to impose prosperity and wealth on their populations, but that's unlikely to succeed if western politics and wealth is flushed down the drain. Who do they trade with if that happens?

And can we really blame China and Russia for sticking to their 'alternative' governance methods when western democracy has deteriorated into casino banking, rampant poverty and crumbling health care. The possible exception to this is India, the largest democracy in the world, but whilst the rest of the west is trying hard to get to where India is now, India is fighting to raise standards for its population.

And Ukraine's roll in all this? Imagine Russia had slowly advanced west across Europe over the last 70 years, as NATO has done eastwards, under the banner of peaceful democracy - which is now shredded. Holland alone remains one of the last territories remaining untouched by a Russian Juggernaut. Would we British not mobilise to ensure its independence?

Crude analogy, I know, but illustrative.

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Surely you do understand that the Ukraine war is one massive US operation to attempt to take down Russia (and it has been planned that way as recorded by die Boston Group) and that Russia is not the aggressor in this case, but the one that came to the aid of the Donbas, destroyed the biolabs operating in the Ukraine and is attempting to bring an end to the string of broken agreements that the US and their proxy actor have broken.

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Putin does not support Schwab's Great Reset and challenged it directly in a speech, date I can't cite right now. For Xi, I don't think he supports Schwab, either, but direct evidence I don't know for sure. Also, use of one's 'role' not 'roll'!

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How much Putin is following the map of Schwab read from " Katyusha.org .

You will be seriously surprised .

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Very insightful analysis!

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I don't understand the FDR worship. I'm familiar with your work primarily from reading lewrockwell site, and this is always the thing you write that I don't understand. Per historians and economists linked with the Mises Institute and other free-market libertarian/conservatives, FDR's disastrous economic policies prolonged the Depression, worsened it, and led to millions of deaths in the US due to starvation/malnutrion. We still have landowners to this day paid to leave their fields idle. At the time, tenant farming was common especially in the South, and these tenants were evicted creating thousands of jobless and homeless families. There was mass burning of crops and livestock to increase ag prices at a time 25% of the labor force was unemployed. Are all of these things lies? And don't forget those Japanese internment camps.

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Lisa. There's no worship going on. Most of what you've been told about FDR is a lie- including from those who profess to love him among today's Green New Dealing liberals. Both anarcho-libertarian Austrian ideologues and their fascist Keynesian liberal counterparts have each created strawmen charicatures of FDR which either absorb hate or false praise to justify fascist policies today. I showcased alot of my research on the actual FDR vs the oligarchy in vol 2 of my Clash of the Two Americas. If you send me an email to canadianpatriot1776@tutanota.com I will be happy to send you a free PDF of the book. Also this report I wrote recently showcases several dimensions to FDR and his fight (including deep state operatives within his own administration) which I guarantee you have not looked at before: https://canadianpatriot.org/2020/09/19/hyperinflation-fascism-and-war-how-the-new-world-order-may-be-defeated-once-more/

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FDR may have been anti-fascist, in certain respects, but his NRA legislation was fascist to the core and his New Deal an economic disaster.

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FDR the puppet . Truman the puppet , Washington the puppet . Nice national history . Oh btw . Biden boy is in too. Trumpy baby is ready too. Hallelujah brothers!

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I had to read many paragraphs several times to absorb the full impact of new information. Wow! I had no idea of Prescott Bush's role in WWII and I find Pamela's references also fascinating, although not surprising. The "shrub's" role in 911 makes even more sense with this history.

Just before this I read Robert Malone's Substack with a guest author on Mass Formation and Dismissing Reality. We're certainly at the culmination point but I hadn't realized how far back it went. I'd never even heard of White although Wallace and Butler are two of my heroes. The psychology, the history, the science, the money ... it all interlocks.

I am blown away by how the picture keeps coming more and more into focus. I concur that Putin's BRI is a gamechanger. Exciting scary times. Thank you, Matt for illuminating this!

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Hi Tereza... from where I am standing more has happened to dismember this cabal in the last month than in the previous 109 years. We need to hold onto our hats... this is going to be a one hellish wild ride. The old system is basically reduced to a walking zombie now... albeit an extremely dangerous one.

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We have met the enemy, and it is our own Kleptocratic, Fascist, banking cartel owned central government

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The Book of Elders is, apparently, the most popular reading after the Bible these days. I would venture into saying that My Kampf is probably the third.

Whatever anyone is saying about these sources, many of the original statements and predictions in them are obviously and irredeemably coming true.

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Another great piece Mathew!

Just to expand out a wee bit in regard to the implications of the founding members of the BIS board and how this manifests in FED ownership right to this day... this relates to the section entitled...

"The Central Bank of Central Banks"

I could never find out the breakdown in the share ownership of the New York FED until a 2018 FOI demand made them cough up this info.

It turns out that the founding board membership of the BIS explains at least in part why Citibank and JP Morgan Chase ended up with no less than a staggering 72.3 percent ownership of the shares of the NY FED.


Citibank 42.8% /87.9 million

JP Morgan Chase 29.5% /60.6

HSBC 6.1% /12.6

Goldman Sucks 4.0% /8.3

Morgan Stanley 3.7% /7.6

Bank of NY Mellon 3.5% /7.2

Deutsche Bank 0.87% /1.76



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is this Colin from Aberdeen

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No... this is Col from New Zealand


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thanks for getting back to me.... i saw the name and wondered. Have a great day!

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Thank you very much. I appreciate the time and dedication it took to become truly articulate on these topics. As a tangent, I would love you to do a series on POLITICAL PONEROLOGY. Wiki, is already apparently working on removing its page. The Role of psychopathy in regards to all the major players in this sick 'game' can't be overstated.

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fantastic as usual. You rock

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The part about the cartel between IG Farben, Shell et al which allowed for transfer of IP, reminds me that also the WHO and those who drafted the language of the treaty, also envision IP to be transferred among signatory nation states (also against the wishes of the patent holder nation state if I understand correctly).

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Matt, I recall praising and complimenting you when you 1st published this article. The comment is no longer here, yet in my notifications I have a 'like' by another commenter, for what I wrote. I also mentioned my desire for you to look into the research done into POLITICAL PONEROLOGY.

"Political ponerology is a concept popularized by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski.[1] Łobaczewski advocated using the fields of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history to account for such phenomena as aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and despotism."

Is this topic/research verboten ?



I am confused as to why my post is no longer viewable here.

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"I’ll stop beating around the bush now and just say it: Adolph Hitler or Benito Mussolini were never “their own men”."

Just as they may well wind up saying of Justin and Boris and Macron.

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I've just recently come across Mr. Ehret's writing, and have found it quite interesting and educational. Clearly he's very knowledgeable, and he writes well. But his treatment of the controversial figure, Harry Dexter White, as well as of FDR, raises red flags.

No mention that much evidence indicates White was Soviet agent, nor his alleged authorship of the ghastly Morgenthau Plan, for instance. Even the grossly left-biased Wikipedia feels the need to mention these issues.


Kubek, 'The Morgenthau Plan and the Problem of Policy Perversion' - http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v09/v09p287_Kubek.html

White was a key architect of the Bretton Woods institutions and, de facto, its first head: "When the IMF began operations in 1946, President Harry S. Truman named White as its first U.S. Executive Director. Since no Deputy Managing Director post had yet been created, White served occasionally as Acting Managing Director and generally played a highly influential role during the IMF's first year." https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/1998/09/boughton.htm

Chossudovsky & Perkins show how the IMF has been an instrument of neocolonialism.


Perkins, J., 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' - https://archive.org/details/ConfessionsOfAnEconomicHitman_257/mode/2up

"Operation Snow shows how Joseph Stalin and the KGB used a vast network of double-agents and communist sympathizers—most notably, Harry Dexter White—to lead Japan into war against the United States..."

Koster, J., 'Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR's White House Triggered Pearl Harbor' - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1596983221/

Jasper, William F., 'The Communist Agent Who Caused Pearl Harbor — and Global Economic Havoc' - https://thenewamerican.com/the-communist-agent-who-caused-pearl-harbor-and-global-economic-havoc/

White also appears to have played a key role in China's fall to communism. "Another example of White acting as an agent of influence for the Soviet Union was his obstruction of a proposed $200 million loan to Nationalist China in 1943..." (wikipedia)

also see Perloff, http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/history/item/4691-china-betrayed-into-communism

The Roosevelts? From Clinton Roosevelt, to Teddy, to FDR to Kermit, they've been awful for America.

Clinton Roosevelt - "...he changed his views, calling for a communist economic system with greater government involvement."

"Of his writings, Roosevelt is most well known for his 1841 book, The Science of Government, Founded on Natural Law... William T. Still described the book as being "the Luciferian doctrine in its purest form." "


Teddy - Split the conservative vote in 1912 with his (ridiculously named) Bull Moose third party, giving the election to Woodrow Wilson. Under Wilson we got the Federal Reserve and the income tax. In his second term Wilson got us into WW1 against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans, after deceptively campaigning on 'He kept us out of the war.' US involvement in WW1, in turn, led to the disastrous Versailles treaty that made WW2 inevitable, as well as the Balfour Declaration, the results of which haunt the world to this day.

See, e.g., https://archive.org/details/douglas-reed-the-controversy-of-zion/

FDR - Where to even start? His theft of Americans' wealth by confiscating their gold and then devaluing the dollar? His betrayal of American values by turning the US gov't into the leviathan that it is today? His plotting to get us into WW2, again against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans, including his machinations to make Pearl Harbor happen? One could also look into the opium connections of the Delano side of his family. It's hard for me to conclude that FDR was anything other than an absolutely disgusting man (which, btw, is the exact opposite of the impression I got from my high school history class, so I started with a pro-FDR bias).

Garet Garrett, 'The Revolution Was' - https://archive.org/details/B-001-002-024

Sep 11 1941 - Charles Lindbergh, charges "British, Jewish & Roosevelt administration led US into WWII" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKEisxsn4ys

Stinnet, 'Day of Deceit; The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor' - https://www.amazon.com/Day-Of-Deceit-Truth-Harbor/dp/0743201299

Curtis Dall, 'FDR, My Exploited Father-In-Law' - http://www.amazon.com/FDR-my-exploited-father-law/

Kermit - Point man on the 1953 CIA coup in Iran that overthrew Mossadegh.


For people of an elitist, communist, globalist bent, maybe all of this sounds peachy. For people with a traditional American outlook, not so much.

I don't doubt Ehret can run circles around me with his knowledge of history. But something smells rotten. To present H.D. White in a positive light without any mention of the controversy appears dishonest; not history, but rather propaganda.

Who knows, maybe Ehret can change my mind. But I will be reading him with the utmost critical scrutiny, as I hope will others.

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Um, I think both sides were controlled from above their "governments" Same as today, all staged and managed

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Welcome to the magic show .

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Good article as always, but note verb is 'lose' and 'losing', contrast with 'loose' which is adjective. I always read your articles when I see your name. And I don't think Putin and Xi support Schwab's Great Reset. A completely digital currency for the world would not work, what if computers fail b/c of sun bringing huge charge, e. g.?

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