Very readable, but horrifying at the same time. as an arts student I lived in Indonesia in the late-1980ies and we all saw that "the parasites" (the military and heads of big corporations) got very much richer in a very short period. while for most people the daily struggle to get by just intensified. very frustrating times. I guess Empire needs slave-nations.

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Thanks for this!

"those who are in the position of pushing the IMF, NATO, World Economic Forum’s disastrous policies are not the brains in the room. "

Perfect. I'm almost tempted to include the name of young ex-Prince Battenberg.

These guys never internalised the story of the Unfaithful Vizier who sold his King's secrets to the neighbours and, on takeover day, called to accept his new appointment, found himself discounted for treachery, his new King asking, "Why do you imagine I reward you for what you did to your master?" followed almost immediately with "Off with his Head!".

If we survive this monstrous assault all the camp followers, be they tramps or kings, will realise the same fate. Almost similar to their fate had it succeeded LOL.

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A very clear exposition.

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This is so well explained and it tied up many strands for me. I now better understand and unfortunately with that comes fear. This is so terrifying as the consequences for the world will mean destruction. As you state those allegedly in power like Truss was are just "cardboard cut outs" so our elected representatives will do nothing so how on earth do we prevent this? Any opposition as you have clearly outlined are erased.

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Nice work. On a practical note, what do us hoi polloi in flyover country do to protect ourselves, both financially and physically, as well as do what little we can to fight?

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This is enlightening, and very concerning.

As an Australian, I was horrified that we were to join the NATO summit in Madrid, and appalled that we are getting involved with sending military aid to Ukraine - a country that is on the opposite side of the world from us, with no particular alliances of trade or other shared interests.

Yet our international policies are almost entirely about tagging along with the US - and if we try to take a stand contrary to what we are told, our government too gets sacked (as happened in 1975 with the Whitlam government).

The US - or the dominant interests that control the US - is ruthless. We see colour revolutions orchestrated by the CIA in any country in South America or Europe that dares to try to further its own sovereignty. And more recently, the blowing up of the Nordstream pipelines, to spite Russia and keep Germany economically crippled.

I don't know what the answer is - but at least being aware of the agenda is an important step.

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If enough people learn that there is an alternative economic system, one that has been proven to work, in the form National Treasury Banks controlling Hamiltonian-type National Debt-based systems that support American-style Political Economic Systems, then maybe the citizens of each independent sovereign nation-state can force their governments to take back control of their monetary systems.

“Build Back American” Vs “Build Back British”

Have you ever heard of the Bradbury Pound?

The way to defeat the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy is with a Treasury National Bank based upon a Hamiltonian National Credit System used to fund an American System of Political Economy.




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One could speculate Abe wasn't killed by Yamagami's pathetic, home-made blunderbuss. He was killed by a sniper. Yamagami is just the patsy. The dude fires one shot with his gun and none of the grapeshot even hits Abe. Then there's a video I saw of one of Abe's security detail (sadly I didn't save the video and it's not online anymore). The guy is 5 feet from Yamagami and is armed with a pistol but all he does is wave his arms at Yamagami! Yamagami's second shot is fired and again, the grapeshot all misses... except for one, tiny piece that strikes Abe in a critical artery in the neck and kills him?

I visited the actual scene at Yamato-Saidaiji the very next day and walked extensively around the site visiting various vantage points to look across and down on the spot due to the crowds and all were publicly accessible except the best one. Inside the station just 20M from the spot on the second floor overlooking the crossing, it was blocked off with the ubiquitous road cones and plastic poles. It had a large pillar obscusing the spot from view from the main thoroughfare. I said to the wife how dumb it was to block this off for no reason since it was the best vantage point to see the spot of the hit.

I think Abe thought he was in on it. The assassination attempt was a ploy to boost his popularity and ensure he could ram through his constitution changes to increase Japan's military. He'd have been assured that the gunwas pretty much useless. For sure Yamagami would have been on the watchlist of Japan's secret service. He even wrote letters to a journalist expressing his hate for Abe. Why do people think that wouldn't put you on a watchlist? All the secret service agents had guns but no one of them pused them to stop Yamagami, especially the agent standing right near Yamagami.

What if someone was about to reveal Abe's disgraceful racket with the Moonies? Again, Yamagami had written to a journalist about the issue previously. What if the govt realised they couldn;t keep the scandal secret anymore and decided Abe was a serious liability to the LDP but an asset as a martyr (that actually didn't work out too well, lol). Having Abe alive to be dragged through the mud every day about the Moonie scandal would have brought down the LDP. So he was double crossed and taken out by a sniper. Some of Yamagami's buckshot was picked up of the concrete and claimed as the shot. Case closed.

The Moonie scandal just became the rantings of a lone gunman as planned but unfortunately gained a lot of traction. New Prime Minister steps in. LDP carries on without skipping a beat. No need for Abe to resign in disgrace and maybe even face criminal charges. It always bugged me how a right-wing org like the LDP could tolerate having such close ties to a Korean religion. I think their powermongers decided to get rid of the Moonies and so obviously Abe had to go too, being the principle fixer for them.

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It must be said however that I'm the only true fascist.

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