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Thank you Matthew for a fantastic article. The link to CO2 and climate is very prescient! The two most intelligent people I have know in my life, we’re both physicists. Neither believed that CO2 had anything to do with climate change. They believed in long term cosmic cycles resulting in slight alterations to the tilt of the earth and alterations to distances. This viewpoint has been published and is VERY scientifically credible , yet ignored by the MSM.

I have been following your writing for a couple of years. Your overall viewpoint is bang on. Collapse is upon us and the abyss is not far off.

James McKenzie DMD, BSc

Whistler, British Columbia, CANADA

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Thanks James. I do try to get an optimistic assessment across throughout my works so I hope that the message of "we are all screwed" isn't the main lesson I'm leaving people with.

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This vid gives a good look into some of the 'mechanics' behind WEF influence:


⁣Dr. Reiner Fuellmich | Ernst Wolff ~ Informationen über WEF (Deutsch)


Linking the WEF alumni from "The Young Leaders" (1,300) & "Global Shapers" (10,000) programs directly back to Klaus Schwab & Henry Kissinger, therefore to the old school imperialists, Anglophile tribal supremacists and ideological eugenicists.

& it's amazing how many of these COVID tyrants, by now all too familiar, turn out to be from the same program - from Trudeau to Macron, to the tinpot bureauTwats of Australia & NZ, to the various national and international COVID advisory panels, and to Tony Blair!

I'm fairly sure that my hometown mayor was part of some "Global Leaders" class too. They're fkn everywhere!

Unfortunately, if Kissinger's little Wünderkind project is even half as creepy as it seems, that does pretty much confirm some folks' worst nightmares 😱

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Thanks for the optimism, Matt. I sometimes only see darkness. About to read the next installment. Really appreciate your work. Thank you

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Perhaps China is part of the reset in that it functions more productively than the West and our overpaid workers can be replaced. It isn't stupidity that gave away our manufacturing. The elite in the West supported China all along.

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Nah, too many facts contradict the thesis. I recently composed the following study as a response to your hypothesis: https://matthewehret.substack.com/p/how-chinas-gorbachev-was-flushed

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My article was written in response to the referenced interview and the thesis launched by Corbett.

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I've found myself thinking much the same.

Outside of considering issues in terms of 'China' this or 'America' that, as if they are just homogenous entities, I assume that there are just as many ne'er-do-wells within one set of imaginary border lines as there are in any other. So not inclined to think in terms of 'goodies & baddies' when it comes to nation states,,,,, tempted to think that's just a 'distraction' for us Plebs when the ruling elitists owe less allegiance to a 'nation state' so much as to an 'ideology'..... and their bank balance.

As such, I've assumed that the cheeky fkrs in, say, America would have cultivated an alliance of sorts with cheeky fkrs in China. A rigidly authoritarian regime with profit making opportunities for private business would be a neoliberal imperialist's 'wet dream'.

Add to that the massive foreign investment when China was really getting going, in terms of industrialisation/development, and the outsourcing of manufacturing, I just assumed the nasty folk we're more familiar with had found a comfortable home/ally for their money & ideology with similar 'nasty folk' in China.

Meaning that, aside from whatever grim realities they may face today, the people in China were also facing the same type of horrific servitude as the rest of us.

......, no doubt planned out 100 years ago :-))))))

Mostly just assumptions though, never been to China and getting much of a 'balanced' report is difficult, between the vitriolic propaganda on the one side and the close monitoring of voices & censorship on the other.

But the stuff that the CCP is not shy about admitting (celebrating?) like Skynet surveillance, predicative policing, Social Credit system, "Pair Up & Become Family" is already so fkd up, I dread to think what is kept quiet..... and it all sounds exactly like what the WEF nutters would love to get away with.

I'll have to have a read of the article Ehret referenced, "China's Gorbachev".... see if I can't do me some learnin'

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