We have been Narrating many of HG’s non fiction work. Open Conspiracy, New World Order, Fate of Man, World Brain.

We have been cancelled off Audible Exclusive, so have created Adultbrain Audiobook podcast, and some of these might make it back to Audible eventually.

Check them out! Great job Matt. Super interesting but I feel like it’s also Nuanced





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Hey Matt,

I did an analysis on predictive programming myself. This time on the works of Orwell and Huxley

It’s called “The Brave New World of 1984”

Looking for your thoughts (and anyone else who reads it 😊)


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The scholarship is impressive here, but the conclusions are not. Many of these thinkers and writers were just trying to figure it out as they went along. Surely even the fortunate among us are allowed to think about the world and formulate ideas and plans? I’m no fan of many of these ideas, like world government, but for some it was a sincere attempt to make life on earth better. This kind of retrospective grand theorizing is no more helpful than that of the Marxist persuasion. Looking backwards, everything seems to fit neatly into a box. But that’s not how life is lived or experienced. I mean, to take the passage on black snow. Was this really some sort of evil prescription? Maybe it was merely a prescient description? The author assumes nefarious intent at every turn. People can be wrong without being evil. They can be correct without it being part of some predictive programming plan.

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This oft-repeated claim about the CIA, MIC promoting UAPs as some kind of diversion, just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. When, in fact, the exact opposite has been happening and is still happening.

So far all the MIC/CIA have been doing is blockading any release of UAP data, pictures, videos, eyewitness reports, everything. Not even giving the Congressional committee access to a SCIF room so they can legally debrief the whistleblower. And their MSM is giving only cursory coverage to the story. In the recent Eglin AFB incident, under intense pressure, they finally relented to give out one lousy photo of an UAP to Rep. Gaetz, but immediately classified it as "Top Secret" so the public can't see it. With arm twisting they allowed him to briefly interview one of the pilots involved in the incident. If it is a dirty Russki jet harrassing a "Top Secret" Air Force Predator drone, they release high resolution video almost immediately to the public.

Matthew completely misses the point. There is far, far more evidence to warrant investigation of this, the most important scientific endeavor in ALL of human history, than probably ANY other scientific investigation of anything going on right now.

So where is the URGENT scientific investigation?!? It's pretty straightforward, you have these military groups who are consistently witnessing these objects over a period of days often. Where is the science team who should be johnny-on-the-spot at jet speed? Why are they not on standby? Dirt cheap compared to studying some black hole a 100M light years away.

The ONLY rational action. Objects detected. Military mickey mouse exercise shutdown immediately. All assets directed 100% at gathering UAP data. All data is released for scientific analysis. 100% transparency. A team of civilian specialists are sent immediately at jet speed to investigate. They overrule all military authority. The cheapest, most valuable, biggest return-on-investment scientific investigation in all of human history. Any military cement heads interfere they are immediately fired. They don't belong in ANY government job.

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I dont watch movirmes or crap TV or news , i didnt take any vaccines , i wonder if there is a link there , its possible 🫡

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Hi Matthew,

You refer to Greer as a military physician. I have been following him since the early 90s and have never heard him or anybody else talk about him having served in the military. Source?

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