The Rebirth of Canada: A New Vision

And, a tip of the hat to a fellow Canadian

Matthew Erhet, I am so glad to discover your writings and talks. How refreshing. And you are Canadian, too, eh?

Definitely Canada needs an imaginative, bold, pro-sovereignty, pro-democracy, pro-freedom, pro-human rights, and anti-imperialist vision, and urgently; and one that embraces thoughtful development, a multi-polar world, and international cooperation which refuses subordination or elite imperial control, whether via Davos, the City of London, Basel, Wall St., Washington, the WTO, IMF, NATO, or the WHO.

Sadly, I do not see this on the horizon for Canada, but things can change very fast, as history shows. Nobody expected the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it happened. Nobody expected the American Revolution, or, when the idea was floated, thought it could possibly succeed. But it did.

The one thing that is certain about history, is that it is defined by an interplay of continuity and discontinuity - which means, it is ultimately unpredictable. Seize the day, I say. Don't merely watch history unfold - that is childish; let us take an active part, and shape our ever-unfolding history together.

Thank you for your invaluable work. Please have a look at my own work as well. You can find my books and essays on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WordPress.

And yes, I am proudly Canadian, too. Let's see a True North, strong and free. It's never too late to finally embrace our independence.


And here is one of the passages I like best, from your essay above. But first, here a few more thoughts, to further delineate a new vision for Canada.

We need not be debt slaves, nor held in bondage by international bankers. Make the publicly owned Bank of Canada, truly Canadian, and truly democratically controlled; and use government bonds to raise the development funds needed for a national rebirth, directly from the people.

Slash taxes on the poorest 80% of the people, farmers and small business, and raise taxes and royalties on large, profitable corporations and the richest 1%, along with levying serious royalties on all resource exports, primarily forestry products, water, uranium and fossil fuels, to fund value-added, made in Canada industries; and with that, we will have, as a result, abundant jobs, real economic stimulus and prosperity, along with a more just, and fee and independent nation - and we will simultaneously build the tidal wave of popular support, to both raise the necessary funds through bonds, and to sweep into power and victory, both federally and provincially, and in equally important local elections.

The plan and vision are achievable. What we lack, is leadership. I would offer this vision, which I have outlined here and elsewhere, as a People's Green New Deal: one that does not involve the surrender of our freedom, constitutional human rights, sovereignty or democracy, unlike the Davos billionaires' plan, but which instead, bolsters and strengthens them all.

What are we waiting for?

- Peace,

J. Todd Ring,

Cobourg, Ontario

October 22, 2021

Short bio of myself: Philosopher, independent researcher and socio-political analyst. Proudly Canadian, yet deeply concerned for the future of my nation, and the world.

Author of:

Enlightened Democracy

The People vs The Elite

And coming soon,

All Hell Breaks Loose:

Global Geopolitics


Remember always, in the words of Yogi Berra,

"It ain't over 'till it's over."

And as Henry David Thoreau said,

"There is more day yet to dawn. The sun is but a morning star."

Or to quote Eleanor Roosevelt,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


And the passage I mentioned in reference:

"During a radio announcement of July 14, 1958, Diefenbaker outlined his view of the role of productive credit within a developing system;

“This, the largest financial project in our history, offers an opportunity to all holders of victory bonds which were purchased as an act of patriotic faith during the war years, to re-invest them for the greater development of greater Canada. These monies that were advanced during the days of war, and which contributed to the victory, we now ask to be made available to speed the pace of peaceful progress and the program of national development… The action we are taking will make it possible for our nation to embark on a new era of peacetime prosperity far and beyond anything we have ever known.”

This was the first self-conscious idea in Canadian history where a National Bank was to be used for the purpose of generating anti-inflationary credit driven by a greater national mission in a time of peace. Up until this point, this principle had only been successfully expressed under the 1st and 2nd National Banking system of Alexander Hamilton and Nicholas Biddle, Abraham Lincoln’s Hamiltonian credit system of “greenbacks” during the Civil War, and Franklin Roosevelt’s use of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation during the New Deal. Nothing could induce such fear in the British Empire than witnessing its own prize colony in North America adopt an outlook and mechanism for carrying it out whose nature was to bring it to a truly sovereign status alongside Britain’s mortal enemy."

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Trudeau can only do what the Queen allows him to do and if he goes outside of his boundaries she will tell him to get back inside those boundaries. He cannot co-operate and interact with Russia because Russia is the Eternal Enemy that must be Regime changed and Balkanized so the British Crown can steal Russias Natural Resources. That however, is impossible because the Russian People will not allow it. For Centuries Russia has been attacked time after time by the British Cecil Rhodes Deep State and they will not allow another of these attacks. This time Russians are ready to destroy the attacker for good.

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Another great article. Some of the links in the article are dead.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the insight into Bannon. Was reminded of LaRouche’s reference to synarchism, the means by which the establishment elite control opposing factions. A Wiki Search provided the following insightful summary; http://academickids.com/encyclopedia/index.php/Synarchy

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Our current fop 'prime minister' avoids pride for Canada except when he attends naked pride parades wit h his children. Canada has a 'leader' who attacks our culture and says Canada is going to be the first non-nation in the world while wearing a T-shirt claiming World Citizenship instead. We are in desperate times. / Victor Fletcher / my newspaper suffered four major arson attacks and two attempts on my life. www. torontostnews.com 1999-2017

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Another great work, hopefully the right people are persuaded to pursue a different course than the one presently being followed.

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