What a reeking pile of horse pucky!!

The Monroe Doctrine is "anti-imperialist"??? Good grief!!

Worse yet is quoting (with a straight face) John Quincy Adams saying,

“After fifty years the United States has, without a single exception, respected the independence of other nations, while asserting and maintaining her own.”

Now read that again. “Without a single exception ... “

Wow!! What a reeking pile of bat crap!!

John Quincy Adams said that after the US drove multiple native American nations into extinction, and while in the process of driving virtually all of them into extinction, and while abrogating every treaty the United States every made with any and all of them.

Sorry, Matt, but you've now been added to my list of "avoid at all costs" authors who are never to be trusted!!

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we will not "reform" the US, the US will fall apart based on predictions of several, most recently Dr. David Martin from super computer analytics, US will break into six separate nations. Anandamurti predicted (based on intuitive knowing) that first the USSR would fall apart, then the US. We are in for a ride, let's get clear on Grand Strategy so its an easy landing.

And PS, I think military victory was not the goal as much as profits for military industrial complex where peace equals no profits. US maintains (maintained!) hegemony in other ways (monetary control for instance)

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Excellent article Matt. U.S. in deep frustration, .No military victories in the past 75 years with the biggest milirary budget that surpasses the next 5 countries combined. 800 bases all over ther world. Must read "The Israeli Lobby & American Foreign Policy" by professors Mearsheiomer of U.of Chicago Harverd. How we Americans allowed to take over American foreign is a disgrace.

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What an absolute tragedy for humanity that the world land pass never eventuated. These extraordinary visionaries such as Gilpin would be aghast to know that this initiative remains even more elusive today than it was over a century ago.

Of course if you look at the imbeciles in power in the Western sphere today, then we are further away than ever from making this happen. We are now faced with the distinct possibility of at least part of the Northern hemisphere being reduced to a mixture of smouldering ruin and glass.

My god Mathew... when will this species ever learn


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I went to a high school named after Teddy Roosevelt. I always thought the whole "Speak softly and carry a big stick" was kind of hostile, but of course, we never learned a damn thing about TR or American history worth a grain of salt. Now the Big Stick has a lot more actual depth to it!!

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Again, this is what they avoided teaching us in high school and post-secondary.

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