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Brilliant, brilliant stuff, Matt.

Thank you.


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Ridiculous, unfounded nonsense.

Lincoln did not in any way shape or form " consistently oppose slavery..

That is pure fiction.

Lincoln's trampling of out Constitution laid the groundwork for the unrecognizable mess that led to abortion as a "Constitutional Right' and all the subsequent mockeries of our inalienable rights.

Lincoln and Hamilton are the arch criminals of American History.

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I think our author has a more nuanced view than yours. Whether or not he is correct in every particular, such a view is more likely correct than yours. Whatever Lincoln’s actual view on bondage, he was a politician in a particular moment when slavery was widely accepted as normal practice, as was the superiority of the white race. His position as a politician meant he had to take account of these views. It’s a fairy tale view of history to believe that there is some race of leaders that has the purity not to be tainted by the widespread attitudes of the times. Unless you’ve personally made a study of all of Lincoln’s extant words and have a firm grasp of his thinking, I wager you’re merely holding him to a standard that no politician is capable of maintaining - that is, if s/he actually wants to get something done. Lincoln equivocated on the slavery system with his words. With his deeds, he destroyed it.

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I just marvel. You clearly have no clue. In reality, a much better case can be made for Lincoln the White Supremacist, who never have up on his dream of shipping all Blacks out ogtfe USA, still trying to find a solution in his last year.

The War of Northern Aggression was definitely not fought over slavery. But over money. as are all wars.

England doing it's best to take advantage was just par for the course, and was no more the cause of the war than slavery was

There have been many books and articles on Lincoln's Tyranny and they are available today.

You might do well to read a few.

There is also an interesting video on YouTube, with an actual Civil War Confederate Veteran, who maintains the war was fought over States Rights and not slavery.

I agree.

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I just saw my first try did belatedly post, sorry about the double post, but I really wanted to answer this, because I believe Lincoln's destruction of Constitutional Protections and other traitorous acts placed us in the tenuous position we now hold.

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Lincoln did not destroy the constitutional protections and he did not invade the South to keep them from seceding. The facts of history show the CSA intentionally destroyed the united States of America by waging war on the USA.

If you really want to learn what happened I can help you by discussing this. You have been duped by some of the best charlatans in the world. Join me at: AmericanCivilWar.club if you really want to learn what happened in America in 1860-1865

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Charlatan describes you and your patently false claims. Your post makes clear you lack even superficial knowledge, and it is laughable that you deny then current news articles, and other documentation.

I took Seventh Grade Social Studies indoctrination like everyone else.

As such, I have heard your Fairy Tale before.

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Fiction is fiction and there is nothing nuanced about a rehash of Social Studies class public school programming.

This article is Propaganda.

Why do you suppose the Lincoln Foundation chose that name?

He is a Totalitarian hero, and those accolades are the only ones he earned.

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Exceptional commentary Matt!

I have always viewed the ‘Civil War’ as the ‘War of Northern Aggression/Southern Succession’ fought over states rights, and that Lincoln was a tyrant for using deadly force to keep the South in the Union.

Learning from your article that England was behind the war has given me an entirely new understanding.

Thanks! (from a fellow Canadian).

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When I read the Confederate Constitution of 1861 I began to understand. DiLorenzo did not include the Confederate Constitution in his book. No wonder people misunderstood what the Civil War was about. Also, it is my understanding that the records of the Civil War were classified for 100 years... until 1965. I am not sure how true that is but no doubt truth in history has been obfuscated.


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Thank you for this. We would like to end the private federal reserve banking system.

Join us there and let's work together to get sanity back in banking.


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Extremely timely and intelligent insight and you ask the most important questions that desperately require answers if the American Republic is to be saved!

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Thank you for this incisive analysis. Years ago, Johan Galtung predicted the fall of the US empire would happen right about now, to be followed either by US fascism or US blossoming. We must work towards the latter!

Side note-- Beyond funding and egging on the southern secessionist states in the Civil War, Britain was seeking to gain an additional foothold out west by bankrolling the Mormon migration and settlement of what is now Utah from the 1830's onward, particularly encouraging migration from England and Scandinavia (including most of my ancestors). I see that as a sort of pilot project for the subsequent Zionist project in the Holy Land. Mormons saw themselves as the "chosen people", a persecuted religious minority being led by God to "Zion" (their name for the promised land of their destination), where they "made the desert bloom." See also Fawn Brodie's biography of Joseph Smith, "No One Knows My History."

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We recently visited the Mormon Tabernacle and was amazed at the wealth. I suspected that perhaps the Mormons were funded by the King. It is all beginning to make sense.

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For Christ's sake Matthew, don't you have any laundry to do or something? You are becoming more senile and more aristotelician every day. What a babbling feast! Totally out of tune mate. Tom Luongo must be your only and last friend.

"Would economic injustice disappear as the Eurasian multipolar alliance swept the world to restore peace and win-win development on everyone?"

I think this multipolar batshit sickness is not curable. Can you do something else than shaking dead talking heads under the reader's eyes? You are making history field a championship of diversion and nonsense. I am throwing my dentures and my eyeball in the toilet everytime I read you. It was fun at the beginning, but now I am really wondering when you'll grow a bit.

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