Great post as usual.

On the Bismarck post, yes I agree where in the case of Germany. Europe has a large educated workforce and a highly paid one, but it also has a highly taxed work force to support its socialist left leaning lifestyle. We must not ignore the fact that it has opted for the same stupidity of Far Left RE energy as has the rest of Europe trying to be politically correct and in compliance with new EU demands. The result which we see pension reforms in France being unilaterally adopted as well as some very dangerous precedents leaning towards monopolization. being set.

This is clear in Netherlands with more and more Green stupidity being rammed down farmers throats. Thank goodness the farmers appear to have stopped it. The OECD is pushing for monopolisation of the seed trade which will benefit the chemical industry in particular which is also a big no no.

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For the real New Deal to become reality and, I think we will get there eventually, for the starters; we must neutralize those Green Dealers you've mentioned by abolishing lobbying and patent licensing for giant corporations and especially for Big Pharma. At the moment, I do not see much hope from any political aisle in the west, maybe Trump? - yet to be seen...

At the moment, all I see is a bunch egomania clowns who have lost touch with reality but yet, promoting dangerous ideas and propagandizing blame onto other nations for our, self-inflicted troubles.

Thanks Matt, your words of wisdom is like a fresh air! Peace & Love

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False: "worshiping money on the unregulated markets just created a massive volatile bubble"

Nobody who has learned about the FRS, SEC, CFTC, FDIC, FCC, OSHA, IRS, and so on can believe that the USA (or any other country of the West) has "unregulated markets". Lust for money and power erected a huge system of rigged finance and banking, and a hatred of personal responsibility arranged the socialization of risks and costs, with occasional impediments such as the one mentioned to protect laborers.

Militarism backstopped with legalized slavery extended the influence of this fiendish sytem throughout much of the world, and a great welfare state was erected to subvert resistance while reducing the population to the mentality and condition of farm animals. Meanwhile, for more than a century, the Jews obtained and maintained influence over the USA which is far out of proportion to their strength in numbers, just as they did in Europe during the Middle Ages, when supposedly they were victims of oppression and unjust discrimination. The Jews were also greatly overrepresented among foreign advisers in China when Mao was coming to power. As it turns out, there are multiple factions of globalists who burn with passion to impose a single master-slave system upon the entire world. Anyone who has read and understood Isaiah 66:22-24 must know what motivates no fewer than THREE of these factions.

So please reconsider your analysis and the premises it rests upon. Also consider the possibilities that (i) you have basically the same planners' disease as the scoundrels whom you criticize, and that (ii) there are too many humans consuming too much stuff which just doesn't need to be consumed. The waters and beaches of the Pacific Ocean, like the alleys of my neighborhood, testify to the ugliness and wanton destructiveness of a civilization of sensuality, frivolity, and an absurd obsession with production and consumption.

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Thank you, Matthew! Charles Eisenstein shares your perspective on the false promise of wind and solar, as well as over-emphasis on reducing carbon in addressing environmental issues and energy needs. He articulates 3 key priorities to guide development decisions and stresses the importance of actually loving our ecosystem and viewing it as sacred. Check it out:


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'Post Industrial' economy is cogent. Nowadays people have such a surplus of time on their hands that (those that have sufficient brain substance to do something other than get stoned & play video games) either dream up more ways & means to subjugate those mentioned parenthetically above, or, like Mathew, condense hundreds of years of history & a very thorough analysis of the present geopolitical situation into this simple, succinct formula to extricate humanity from the deep dark well into which it has fallen.

BhagavadGita tells us that 'the mind can be the greatest friend, or, the greatest enemy'. Our spiritual preceptor used to say, 'example is better than precept'. Hence, Mathew's sterling example of how to properly engage the mental faculties is a beacon, now calling in so many ships that were aimlessly wandering at sea. Now let this flotilla float this message to the floundering souls, bobbing in the ocean of material suffering.

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Love your supportive views of China & Russia & for exposing the honorable integration of their win-win approach with their Belt & Road goals for developing countries. Few understand this. Thank you for exposing this truth in your writings 👍

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Excellent and clarifying piece Matthew. This is the stark contrast between building infrastructure and improving lives , and the Malthusian principles of scarcity and depopation.

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