For all: I accidently published an earlier version of this article written before the Russian military campaign began. The updated version of the article can be found here: https://canadianpatriot.org/2022/02/25/immune-to-irony-nazi-collaborators-and-authoritarian-personalities-denounce-russia/

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The Gods of the Copybook Headings are quite busy once again.

It seems impossible to predict what final fruits we will all reap from this whole situation. Might it allow for more effective pushback on the global tyrants as the ranks of freedom lovers swell? Or set off a chain of events toward dark and harrowing days for all? Upheaval of some sort awaits us as the chain reactions continue.

I am sure that I trust almost NONE of the players on the world stage right now. Maybe that’s what happens when the blinders are ripped off. Awakening has been a painful process.

Really appreciate your columns, and wish to thank you for always offering information and analysis that is out of the common purview. While I may not always agree in toto, I always come away with some preconceptions challenged, and that’s a good thing. Keep up the good work!

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On some things I disagree with you Matt, but on this one you have hit it right on.

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“What is clear is that those managerial technocrats processed through World Economic Forum training camps are generally entirely incapable of self-criticism or recognizing their own hypocrisy. They are wired to move in echo chambers of self-congratulatory flattery without every confronting points of disagreement that need be dealt with through dialogue or reason. The typical unipolarist automaton is entirely incapable of basic fundamental human character traits that allows each of us to see and judge ourselves from the standpoint of people outside of our class, group, or even cultural matrix choosing instead to expect everyone and even the universe itself, to fit into those ivory tower models and values which are wired into the mind of any Davos creature.”

In the last few years I have seen these creatures paraded in media expounding lies upon lies compounded by hypocrisy wrapped in double standards with no body calling them out for what they said yesterday or even a few hours before for example. Thank you for helping me understand them better.

“At the end of the day, those statesmen who are unencumbered by such mechanical handicaps as those suffered by Davos creatures, have access to a much greater degree of insight, and creative flexibility to lawfully break the rules of rigged games in ways that those control freaks sitting in ivory can ever comprehend. It is precisely this incapacity to either comprehend creative human thinking or self-criticize their own false thinking that creates those systemic conceptual blind spots which will ultimately prove their own undoing.”


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"a new level of integration between banks and intelligence agencies has now been put into motion."

Slowly sneaking towards a digital currency and a Universal Basic Income per the WEF.


"Why Legal Tender Status Changes"

Amendments to the Bank of Canada Act and the Currency Act approved by Parliament in 2018 gave the Government of Canada the power to remove legal tender status from bank notes—something it could not do before.


"The government currently has no plans to take any bank notes other than the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1,000 notes out of circulation. It will be able to remove other notes in the future as needed."

STEP THREE is now in place as you mentioned.

The above is from the Bank of Canada website:


Canada will be used as the guinea pig. I have already made alternative arrangements outside of the Canadian banking system.

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A synonym for Nazism is fascism, and a synonym for fascism is oligarchy. Ironically, Justin is the real Nazi leader of the National Socialist party of Canada masquerading as the Liberal party.

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Without the 10 Commandments written upon the hearts and minds of a population, a group or an individual, so that they do right because it is right, a person or a people are essentially "learning disabled" and cannot self-reflect - at least not yet. Only Jesus Christ is able to defeat the enemies of all that is good and decent, and He has promised to do that - just not everyone at the same time. God is not in a hurry therefore it is necessary for us to take the long-view.

Eventually, everyone will be reconciled to God, death itself shall be no more, and each and every person God has created will have reaped all that they've sown but not to eternal annihilation! The correct term is/translation is "eonion-chastening". It's remedial not punitive - to turn a person back to or toward "right-doing." An eon has a beginning and an end. According to the Bible, we are in the 3rd eon (started at the time of the Flood and ends with the soon to be 2nd coming of Christ) of 5 eons of time. At the end of the 5th eon of time, ALL (including the evil angels) will have come to recognize that Jesus Christ's ways are always right. Then, eternity begins. Patient Endurance and Warmest Aloha on the journey ahead.

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Excellent deep dive, as usual! Just missed this before posting my own quick take on the same topic, "Speaking of Nazis," so updated with a link to your latest (along with Greenwald and Escobar). https://nowick.substack.com/p/speaking-of-nazis

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