By the way, incredible, incredible work.

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More info on Carey in Hawaii? I believe but am not sure that many second-generation of sugar plantation -- Japanese, Chinese, Korean youths were educated by him at McKinley High School. He taught them about democracy.

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Thank you Cynth/Matt moreish as always. Go a question: How did the "Pilgrims" broker this deal with "The Crown" to head-on over to the Americas freely or, were they manipulated to believe that this new lands would be theirs when in reality they, the crown, needed them to go kill-out the Indians, then, they the crown, would come in and claim the lands? Another question is when JFK got a glimpse of how dark these 'things' were do you think he strongly (him and Bobby) believed they could take them on and beat them?!

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FWIW, two writers claim that JFK faked his own death:

Miles Mathis: "The Hidden King(s)"



Jay Weidner: "JFK X"


Weinder claims to show how JFK used a Hollywood squib to fake the impact of the bullet(s) on his head.

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A fantastic presentation that deeply touched me, thank you dear Cynthia.

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