Wow! There’s a lot here and I must say I love your overview of the “American system” with the tie-in from Hamilton to FDR, especially the emphasis on the significance of Henry C. Carey. I’ve been skipping and clicking on some of the links, so let me highlight those ideas that impressed me most and also put forward some reservations.

The “false opposite” duality between the Hayek and Keynesian theory of economics you’ve made clear. You also defined the significant differences between Keynes and the American system of economics as represented by FDR’s policies, effectively linking Keynes to British Intelligence & the City of London banking octopus.

However, I have to take issue with your “green new deal” link. Even if one were to accept the premise that human activity was not causing climate change, there can be no doubt that fossil fuels are a major cause of pollution. The proposition that nuclear power is a safe and efficient alternative is ludicrous in the shadow of Fukishima. It seems to me that nuclear power is the favorite alternative energy of the fossil fuel industry simply because they know it is no threat if the real cost of accidents is factored in.

Furthermore, although Lyndon Larouche is an articulate spokesman for peace and constructive projects like the Belt and Road initiative, his own lobbying efforts are intrinsically allied with the fossil fuel industry, so his views should be suspect on environmental issues. By abandoning sensible renewable energy alternatives opponents of neoliberalism are allowing them to co-opt an important issue.

Finally, I don’t believe Donald Trump has done anything to enhance the cause of American economic sovereignty. With the exception of General Flynn, all his presidential appointments have been disastrous and Flynn’s nomination was successfully undermined by his enemies. All the fires of conflict have been left lit; Benjamin Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman have been gratified beyond their wildest wishes. Trump has succeeded in making his corrupt successor look like a savior to most of the population. His allies in the Deep State must be breathing a sigh of relief.

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Hey Bob. You put alot in there. I guess on the Green New Deal problems, I wrote something with an enflamatory title last year (but I promise I demonstrate my claims with rigor) which I'll link to now: https://canadianpatriot.org/2019/08/16/the-genocidal-roots-of-the-green-new-deal-the-limits-to-growth-and-the-unchaining-of-prometheus/

On the nuclear issue and Fukishima: Blaming the science of atomic power for the tsunami that caused 4 obsolete reactors to have a containment crisis isn't so wise. I wrote something on that for Strategic culture recently: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/09/10/japan-and-germany-hysterically-race-to-shut-down-nuclear-power-and-their-sovereignty/

Alot of environmentalists have also converted to 3-4 gen nuclear tech- especially molten salt thorium and on that Pandora's Promise is a good green documentary on some of that, and the Michael Moore documentary Planet of the Humans is misanthropic as fuck, but does rigorously feature many of the insolvable problems of the green energy vision which many Malthusian technocrats have been pushing for a very long time.

For Trump: He has made systemically bad decisions and I wouldn't put him on par with any of America's truly great presidents. He was however, the first human being in there who wasn't a witting instrument for the oligarchy and they made that clear. His efforts to revive manufacturing, overthrow some of the fundamental programs of Gobblization (TPP, NAFTA) and solidifiy sovereign national controls over credit and finance were good and required some major battles.

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Okay Matt, I read your links but I don't believe they provide a valid argument for nuclear. Arnie Gundersen was a former licensed nuclear reactor operator turned whistleblower. You can access his story here:https://itsrainmakingtime.com/arnie-gundersen-nuclear-power-insider-blows-whistle/

Now, who are we going to believe, a genuine whistleblower or representatives from the industry? Here are some other factors for consideration:

Nuclear commissions are ultimately handed over to political cronies that lobby for their extension despite the hazards

Tepco( The Tokyo Electric Power Co) admits that it will take 30-40 years to contain contamination with unknown consequences from the Fukushima spill

The Hanford reactor in Washington State is leaking into groundwater and threatens to seep into the Colombia River. (a friend of mine was a nuclear decommissioner at the site) https://www.columbian.com/news/2020/oct/06/report-hanford-unprepared-for-potential-nuclear-waste-leak/

As you stated correctly,France receives 70% of its electric power from nuclear. How smart is that? Can you imagine what would happen to that country's market for its renowned vineyard production with just one nuclear accident?

Yes, it's true solar panels have a life limitation but they are constantly being improved as is battery storage. The ground contamination of spent panels seems a gross exaggeration next to nuclear radiation. In 2010 I was in China and witnessed a massive explosion in the use of solar panels and I suspect they have a leadership role in the industry today.

There is much more i could say here, Matt, but i think you get my point. Renewable energy is much too important a subject to leave to be coopted by neoliberal globalists.

As for Trump, he'll soon be gone. I don't think he did much to constrain the spread of multinational globalism. He simply conflated the issue by putting tariffs on China 30 years too late.

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