I recall Klaus' narrative that still haunts me. I don't believe in God being anything but the fullest

Love possible for human and creature alike. And all of Creation in outer space included. Perhaos that is how we are still here at all. Love trickling through and at time drenching some to wake up. Showers often do that. Right?

But the words that say, and I hear her say it... a member of the WEF. "The extra people are like cancer cells, they have to be killed." This woman's voice and words nearly made me throw up. Such arrogance and such indifference made me think violence is a severe regression back to the cave. Like Putin's irrational mind is caveman type action taking all of us backward.

WE can and will make this reverse if we do really act and stand UP to make it known the more heavier numbers of humanity are US. You & I. And we will not stand for this unholy demolition of the Human Race. Home made viruses, drugs called vaccines are the evils of this day. Greed is the cause and reasoning of evil. That is not so new. It's in Biblical stories from the beginning.

BUT when will we humans ever grow into our fullest Humanity? Tit for Tat is revenge that is all. It keeps us down this same path of the rich crushing the poor.

I wonder of by any chance we recall the message of love your neighbour? Forgive 70 times 7... meaning always. Forgiveness doe not let a person off, it means we will not allow that offense to make our lives miserable.

Love & grace still keep this world going and keep the balance in us. The Creator's Love keeps the earth and Creation in a love balance so intricate.. Like us being wonderfully formed in our mother's womb. Perhaps that is hard when we have added so many chemicals that harm life in all forms.

But that was the Lover's plan. God's plan.

Let's get back to to loving and conversation, community and communion. Being together no matter what they produce next to harm us, and Creation. Visiting relatives and friends. Leaving no one out.

Growing and sharing food and love all over where we live. And beyond.

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Great work, Matthew. I really enjoyed the post

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Hang me if I am wrong Matthew, but you are a globalist. I am very impressed with the debunking part of your work and your brilliant analysis of the crypto-corporates labour consuming and purposal eaters, but when it comes to the multipolar rainbow, all I see falling on Europe is misery, disguised enslavement, herds of illusionnates workers and consumers waiting for techno solutions enrolled into digital id's prisons, and other ways of control and surveillance imposed on them because of their intellectual and physical poverty.

How could you pass under silence that China is a leader in mass surveillance, not to speak about Russia willingness for CDBC, and the mesmerising compliance of those two countries for all that vaccin and covid and lockdowns shit cursed upon them by their foolish masters sitting at the UN? Aren't they willing to apply all the WEF, OMS, BIS and whatever what WHO freak shows?

Could it be possible that you are a little naive about the true nature of humankind, rightly described by all those great philosophers and writers you admired? Don't you pull a little hard on reality's arm? Isn't malthusianism malthusianism, and business as usual - what you called « global force for scientific and technological progress » - keeping us into the caves? We are ready for a new model of trade and exchange for sure. But I doubt that those you admire (the multipolars) are going in the right direction. They still follow the old plan of keeping the numbers (including people) low and the profits high. Maybe you are trapped in rationalism, as many of elite intellectuals are. Too many books, not enough cooks. The reason why you still refuse to see that farce in plain sight, makes you in my respectful but deceived opinion, if not a Guardian, maybe a Gatekeeper. I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with a person as gifted as you, with such a powerful mind and deep research aptitudes, and obviously a wide open heart. This is beyond my comprehension that you are still and still holding on chimerian ideas.

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"While I adore Plato...."

That, Matthew, is perhaps a key to your troubles, and also to your rude and condescending reply to Frances Leader's post, of which I would appreciate your attention to this matter.

In your response to her, you showed of yourself your limitations (of which I find it difficult to believe that you are even remotely aware), and while a response from someone that Wasn't Proclaiming Great Knowledge wouldn't have ruffled me so, I find that your attempt at smug and smarmy false superiority really grates against the Truth that I feel to hold inside of myself, and is likely to be found within you, as well....

Mightn't you Do Better, Matthew?

Let us hope so- for dignity's sake, if nothing else.

I look forward to hearing your reply, should you feel your honor worth upholding.

Good day to you.

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Egalitarian Technocracy is coming soon to save us all, our god is Science and Progress. More roads (no farther than an electric wheelchair). Less sidewalks. Everything is gonna be all rice.


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I can always rely on you Matt to bring clarity and to cut through to a Truth that supports and enlightens. Thanks

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Fantastic work !

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