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Don't forget to talk about CBDC that will enslave us all (yes yes my boy, the crypto-currency controlled by the same banking cartels who founded the Rhode's "scolarship" programs), the graphene oxide interaction with millimetric waves (you know, the DARPA herd killing and sickening weapon), the chemtrails, the fact that SWIFT is still the operating system of the BRICS in another costume, the conscription in Russia for the war against the people, the new fake Arcturus "Omicron variant", which is a total controlled science propaganda crap fear porn scamdemic op about to achieve the destroying people in Russia and around (Yes yes my boy, there is no more crime in Russia, the good Putin with his buddy Xi cleaned the place for the Great Reset, drained the walls and rebuild the swamp, as the Donald, the Orange Agent, did in the USA). Yes my boy, continue to hammer the same rusted nail to keep the ignorant and impressive herds busy with words and historic whining, you are good at it, while the whole world and society is going mad on the same economics principles, progress, money circulation, developpement, the fuking silk road belt which is actually a choke to real freedom and liberty, htat you promote as solutions. How in a minute could you believe that a government could do something else than executing orders from the shadow, and take care of the vulnerables? For christ's sake, drop your books and take a walk around on the streets and into hospitals, you will get something. ALL governments and ALL the science is against US. Why don't you tell the blatting truth of evil apply to the people by ANY and EVERY institution, instead of promoting and protecting them?

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