HK was a sociopathic punk, relatively speaking. As for the rest of this comprehensive article…. This is without a doubt the best thing you have ever written. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

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well written article.

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A truly excellent article. It supplements what I have written on my blog: https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/the-return-of-the-jews-to-israel/ If you would like to perhaps do a live stream or video with me please contact via feedback on my main website.

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Excellent article Paulus. Indeed very much complementary to my thinking. Thanks for sharing it.

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I find myself hosting more and more of your videos on my blog because you have a good grasp of the big picture. It is clear that intelligence agencies and mystery religions have fused to attack Christianity and implement a New World Order. We are End of Cycle (which is why they are lying about climate change) because the 25,920 year Precession Cycle is almost over which means we face climate disruption and catastrophes. They want to emerge afterwards with a new system. This is about Continuity of Government.

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Seems facile, but an interesting insightful point. 🤔

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Kissinger was a frontman for British intelligence, AKA The Crown and others I am sure. They need useful idiots to play their parts on the stage, as the truly powerful hide in the shadows. The directors, the puppet masters, and the untouchables never come out from behind the In the days of yore, when people had enough, the castle was, the castle burned to the ground and the nobles had to flee for their lives. Today we do not know where the castle is, or who is in it, which makes shedding the parasites that much harder.

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Actually seems as though The Nobility and their International Mafia with all the Secret Society Menagerie, not so secret any longer...Are hiding behind 'The People' of the U.K., people always used and kept poor until the sell-outs of the U.S. determined the U.S. was to be the Mafia Enforcer the TREASONOUS U.S. Fascists, the U.K. and The City of London hide behind.

Confusion is always a priority tool of Satan/Lucifer and in appearance, the situation fits. Notice the focus of the current crises/chaos...Originating in The City of London and the RIIA being placed at the U.S. doorstep. Though the U.S. is NOT innocent as the fascists installed with fraudulent elections are willingly treasonous to the U.S. and members of the Black Nobility's Mafia...Seems everybody deliberately overlooks the ORIGIN OF THIS EVIL running the whole world for millennia.

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I collectively call them Team Evil in my Podcast and they are just the puppets for the Shadow People who are actually running things from the shadows unseen. It is complex but can be simplified for the sleepwalkers to catch onto once it has veen explained in general familiar terms. Thank you for your response. I an trying.

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Couldn't get to this page...Wished to present it to a past Mentor; a Franciscan to discuss your claim. Always stunning work and constantly referring people to your Substack Posts to find you and your lovely wife...Both.

Recieved a Comment claiming inability to reach the link provided and it is an Epoch Times article. Probably can't be reached and had no idea. I'm sorry because it is proof of misuse of American Taxpayer Retirement Funds going to China which will probably never be returned. There have been trillions and trillions of U.S. Dollars going to China TO BUILT THEIR NATION, MILITARY, CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND INFRASTRUCTURE in these last 54 years. WITHOUT THE WEST; ESPECIALLY THE U.S., CHINA WOULD BE NOTHING and perhaps, it would have been a better idea to just allow them the isolationist strategies for China.

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Keep in mind that most Franciscans, just like most Jesuits or Freemasons have no clue about the esoteric rites above them and are only privy to the exoteric stories for the uninitiated. In fact, you'll find many many Franciscans, and even jesuits committed to goodness throughout the centuries. Your Franciscan mentor would likely have no clue what I'm writing about

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Dec 24, 2023·edited Dec 24, 2023

My Franciscan Mentor is a 'Missionary Brother', highly degreed with Anthropology, Philosophy, Theology and the history of Christianity throughout the Christian World...He knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the primary religions and is very politically active in Rome as we write; seeking to build support to eradicate Bergoglio from the Vatican as well as the Rothschild's Central Banker, claiming to be Jewish, out of The City of London now installed in an Office in the Vatican. He knows...

Just wanted to get to the source material...And, could not.

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No word on Khazarians, though?

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I've written extensively on Khazaria. here's my latest https://matthewehret.substack.com/p/why-the-jews-of-khazaria-the-himyarites

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Kissinger is finally uncomfortably roasting in Hell now, good riddance, his 1974 democide report did not attract many fans. His attempted entry into the 9/11/01 report by boy Bush did not earn him many accolades neither. Today, Israel is committing suicide with the Gaza genocide. Any who, have a nice day... :)

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Still pretending the British control things ?

Vs the Rothschilds,City of London, Sabbateans ?

Nevermind there is no smoking gun that Kissinger said this in 2012, though it is an interesting idea

Mathew Ehret is part of a psyop to distract from Ashkenazi influence by erroneously pretending the British have always controlled things

That must be why the British destroyed their empire during WW2 to greatly benefit the Ashkenazis

Don't fall for this ham handed hasbara attempt ladies and gents ,most of you are smarter than this

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The Sabbateans are an extremely recent synthetic cult. Not causal. Think more deeply about this instead of acting beligerently

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Dec 24, 2023·edited Feb 9

I listed off ten of FDRs worst sins and you hand waved them away,without a single counter factual

The Boer war,where concentration camps were invented,was considered an extremely Jewish affair

Who made the lions share off the opium wars ?

Who was in the vanguard of Russian and Chinese communism?

Who controlled Babylon?

Who got Israeli to pledge the British government in exchange for money ?

Who got Corbyn axed ?

Does basically ever single US president have a British advisor?

Do they almost all have an extremely close Ashkenazis advisor ?

Does B'nai Brith control Scottish rite or vice versa?

Who is the Queen showing deference to when she salutes the city of London?

Why does whitey let Ashkenazis discriminate so incredibly in US college admissions if whitey is in control?

Do British people control US foreign policy? Or neocons/Straussians almost all of whom are Ashkenazi ?

How many Brits were involved in the JFK assassination ?

How many Ashkenazis?

Ruby, Specter,Zapruder,Bloom

Who did 9/11 ?

Can you have dual citizenship in Britain and receive top secret US security clearance?


But you can have Israeli dual citizenship

Are Brits half of all US political spending?

Nope but Ashkenazis are

Are British people the worlds most inbred?

Nope Ashkenazis are ,so inbred that they alone or they predominantly suffer from 8 of the worlds most common genetic diseases

That's where the god level ethnocentrism, nepotism, tribalism, xenophobia originates from

Funny how raype gangs were ignored in France ,but Palestinian supporters are being deported from France

Does Britain get away with treating US spies as national heros like Jonathan Pollard?

How about not agreeing to the US having a border , blackmailing US politicos ad nauseam, spying on the US ad nauseam, refusing to sign a mutual defense agreement,denying having nukes,not signing the non proliferation agreement, getting to spend US aid on domestic corporations which is a privilege no other country receives

You are way too smart to actually believe this equine excrement that you peddle,which means that you are a hasbara agent


You and Jay Dyer cashing those Zionists paychecks are probably the two biggest disappointments in independent media IMO

Such a tremendous shame

Ashkenazis care so little about optics to American plebs that they admit ISIS apologized to them, they aid Al Qaeda aka Al Nusra , they let Ashkenazi pedophiles fleeing prosecution into Israel while simultaneously exiling Ethiopians for being non white

Rothschilds were there at the formation of the illuminati with Weishaupt

Just like the psyop that pretends Meyer Lansky worked for Luciano, when it was the complete opposite

The British Empire worked for Rothschilds not vice versa

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When did you list 10 sins of FDR? Not in the last comment.

Your entire list of grievances entirely ignores the continuous higher bloodlines and mystery cults that have an unbroken line of top down control from the most ancient records to our present day. Everything you have brought up is a lower order, secondary, tertiary or even lower process that you have chosen to embrace as causal. The kabalist gnostic jews and gnostic pagan christians, and gnostic sufi orders are all just synthetic cults designed to destroy any and all universal morality in those 3 abrahamic faiths which have, at various important moments throughout history worked very well together to combat the satanic mystery cults. The British people are not the British oligarchy, which is an inbred parasite like all closed oligarchies- jew or christian or other.

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Hahaha hahaha

Hope you are having a nice Xmas spending your 30 pieces of zionist shekels

FDR was complete scum

329 secret commies in his administration,likely many more per the " venona intercepts "

Racist AF towards Jesse Owens, refused to send a telegram,then sicked the IRS on Owens after he told others

Family billions came from opium

Did nothing about the business plot

Ban/criminalization of gold ownership, gave it all to Ashkenazis/oligarchs

Never got the country out of the depression

Ignored 4-5 Japanese attempts to surrender

Had incredible foreknowledge of pearl Harbor, even provoked the Japanese for approximately a year IE the McCollum memo

Shook down companies to use  his loser son and lesbian wife as spokespeople in exchange for him not regulating them to death

Never had polio, polio presents with no pain/feeling, FDR had incredible pain in his legs

“The depression was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market. The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.” Curtis Dall, FDR’s son-in-law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father-in-Law

Your response:

Wow. You have really consumed alot of misinfo Paul. You should try reading my books on this and put your assumptions aside for a bit. If you'd like I can send you a free pdf 

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Oh I forgot about that. Yes you have consumed alot of misinformation Paul. I would happily send you my books which present answers to alot of the gossipy misinfo you have just shared

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If the British secretly control everything why did they go along with losing their empire?

And let Zionists run then out of Palestine w/ terrorism

Sure doesn't seem like they are the ones giving orders to me

Why did they allow themselves to lose the Suez Canal ?

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Come see Mathew Ehret sing his updated version of The Dire straits classic " money for nothing "

Get your zionist shekels for lying ,and your 30 pieces of silver for the cost of your soul

Not nearly as catchy imo

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Damn homie ,sucks to be you

Fever swamps like the encyclopedia Britannica back up my claim that FDR was an incredible racist ,who snubbed Jesse Owens, refusing to even send a congratulatory telegram,and then ruined Mr Owens life when he had the audacity to tell people FDR was a racist , nevermind Mr Owens said Hitler never snubbed him


Have fun living in your imaginary hasbara world,like a young girl having a tea party w/ her imaginary friends in her backyard

Remember when FDR banned the plebs from owning gold,made it illegal to not turn it over then gave it all to the banksters ?

What a tremendous man of the people


Remember when his cousin,war pig extraordinaire Teddy, convinced the Japanese to attack Korea ?


How about when FDR provoked Japan for approximately a year before pearl harbor as a matter of explicit policy




The McCollum Memorandum: A Story of Washington, D.C. in 1940-41: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Journey from Deterrence to Provocation on the Road to Pearl Harbor https://a.co/d/jcX0sJ4

How about when FDR and Truman ignored 4-5 Japanese attempts to fully surrender so that we could nuke them and Stalin could receive pacific spoils?


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Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

I hope your Ashkenazi,zionist,hasbara paymasters gave you a big Christmas bonus homie

“it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair


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Whatever you sold your soul for to the Zionists ,it can't possibly be enough homie

I'm sure rotting in Hades for eternity isn't nearly as long as it seems

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Do you not think the Rothschilds control the Brits? And there, an ongoing war?

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Nah. They are a powerful mercenary family used by a master class of families who would never permit them to contaminate higher bloodlines... and yes, ultimately disposable in the grand scheme if need be

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Trust me bro

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Brilliant. You're breathing music into my most discordant notions and unaired or ignored surmises. Love it, and bless your brain Mr Ehret!

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Aliens and UFOs are indeed a fabrication myth by the New Age pagan agenda, another agenda to undermine God and the bible.

The 'mystery babylon' or 'whore of babylon' is judaism/pharisaism, as its books is called "Babylonian Talmud"; In it, you'll find the most disgusting passages, including the promotion of pedophilia. Our main enemies are the jewish luciferian cabalists of the synagogue of satan.

So here's the history of the synagogue of satan from ancient times until our days:

= https://rumble.com/v3dv8id-the-other-israel-1987-documentary-by-ted-pike.html

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jews or english in control? good to keep the gentiles confused....

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Matt and Cynthia always do amazing deep dives into the History of how things came to be what they are today. The Canadian Patriot is always a site worth checking out. That said, Kissinger was a tool, which I think is one of the main points of the article.

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I concur one of your best articles and so many off to the side rabbit holes that need exploring 💯

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It's the Prince of Wales, NOT the Prince of Whales!

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Wonderful Matt,best to you and Cynthia for the holidays !

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I just started your 4 book vol, the Clash of the Two America's plus the sequel Science unshackled,enjoying it immensely good job you guys👏

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Another excellent article, with key insights and links to fascinating source materials. Watched the Dune 1 movie again; and the way it pontificates on what is happening now is significant. It has everything from imperialism, to oppressor oppressed narratives, to Islam & the Middle East, to DEW weapons, brain implants, messiah in the desert, war, witches, feminism- the list is endless. I think it is significant that Dune 2- about ‘reluctant’ Messianic conquest- is scheduled to be released in MARCH 2024... Perhaps look into Frank Herbert in the New Year and what is going down in the spicy first quarter of 2024. Thank you for reawakening our critical need to think, and reflect more deeply upon what we believe. We need to be on our game to stand firm on the Rock of all Ages in the chaos or we will be destroyed by it. There are many, many false prophets everywhere. We need to ensure that our grip on reality remains ours.

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