excellent article great research - a post script might be a single sentence destroying the AGW hypothesis which is the 'foundation' on which the deception is based

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Agenda 2030 has a depopulation agenda from the kill shots of 70% reduction . goal reduction as outlined by EU/WEF partners is like the safety of MRNA miracles!

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Felicitaciones Matt... Yo trabaje con SEnergy hace 25 años en Uruguay y sirve como complemento lo mismo para Eólica y los rendimientos son tipo en Solar no más de 18% y Eólica muy variable... Los burócratas están locos... Creo y con el tiempo me convencí que hoy lo que mas compensa es la energía nuclear (mini centrales pueden ser más seguras).... La eliminación de los generadores solares y eólicos va a ser un grave problema... Ya lo está siendo... Para el futuro la energía de fusión...

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Looking back over the random convoluted dots of my life, there is one dot where I held a First Steam and Refrigeration engineering License and worked in power houses and turbine rooms, generating steam and electric energy for our local power company DTE. At the same time, my own home was "off grid" with solar, wood, and a small wind turbine. This is still a passion of mine as you will read, and have kept an ear to the track over my life following this field closely.

I also now live in an 80,000 acre County at the tip of the northern Michigan peninsula which, as of August 2021, is home to 3,102 MW of wind-parks peppering the skyline, with more new construction going on daily.

"I can see windmills from my house"

Thinking that I can bring some "boots on the ground" reality to this very important topic. Having read this excellent well researched work on Cynthia's sub stack earlier yesterday, as now Matt is bringing it to even more subscribers here, extending the reach, and as we share this paper.

Bravo to both of you, share share share....

We, as a global human population need, STABLE, reliable, affordable, Base Load Energy, NOW, TODAY, and, into the future, not only just to survive, but to thrive and grow.

This humanity loving, surviving, thriving and growing principle that WE all love, flies strait in the face of the "powers that shouldn't be", being the exact opposite of their God forsaken (literally) promulgated "depopulation" planning for you, me, and everyone on the planet. Oh, except them of course, they are exempt. They are far to busy to be slowed by peskily intermittent green energy, they need all the jet fuel for themselves, while they promote EV rickshaws, good enough for us less "high-speed" deplorable masses.

In the 1980's Romania, it was 25 watt light bulbs for everyone else, while Ceausescu's residence was lit up like Las Vegas. Ceausescu was not some "one off" anomaly, simply a well publicized "Spoiler Alert" to the Green "New" Deal and a harbinger of a much wider plan to come.

They are now, today, did I mention NOW, shutting down carbon based and nuclear power plants that economically produce base steam and electricity, while they are rolling out EV's and electric everything with green energy propaganda which will NOT be able to sustain it. If every Family had an EV today, the national power grid would burst into flames and burn to the ground.

On a very related side note:

For whatever other reason's they don't like Elon Musk or Tesla, he is messing with THEIR timeline,

They talk about the need for a green future, while he is busy doing it, now. Starting over 10 years ago, by the end of this year he will have scaled up production and able to spit out millions of EV's like Chiclets. This will really expose an "inconvenient" magnifying glass on the fact that windmills can not keep up with all the green rhetoric. The Green Emperors will truly be naked. With Germany already having a grid load problem, buying coal fired electricity from Poland. Maybe this is why Germany is stalling Tesla's Giga-factory Certification to open. What would a few hundred thousand new German produced Tesla's do to the EU's current Grid strain.

Speaking of green, Rare Earths, Ukraine has them all, including a couple not found anywhere else.

Just another one of those things that make you go ...hmmmm...

Sorry, I digress.

As they busy themselves closing down our current reliable energy anchor points, they are, at first bribing, then, will force all the masses out onto this shaky energy "green rope bridge" connected on the other end, they say, salvation of the planet's future promised land of green energy. Once the Masses are all loaded along this shaky bridge to this promised green future, they will cut the rope to stable base energy, we will all be cast into the abyss of starvation and freezing to death.

They board their private jet fondly named "Depop" parked on runways paved with Carbon Credits, filled with the jet fuel of those deplorable who will no longer need it, sacrifices lying at the bottom of the climate crisis religious abyss.

Before anyone says, this is the ravings of an old minded, churn and burn carbon eating, keep the status quo monster, I will remind readers that I have lived completely off grid, in the city. I took what I learned from generating carbon based electricity and went green, for myself, which is highly recommended. Starting long before it was fashionable, I loved it, now being settled in my new digs, it's getting installed again. Back to the future, the random dots reconnecting.

I belief in green energy, I used it, and have taught other interested people to live it too, but at a decentralized Micro Grid level, rolled out with everyone on the same side of the same organic humanitarian vision, not a mass grid scale intermittent at best, and at worst, with today's available tech, proven to be unreliable for base load at temperatures when it, really really matters.

Did you know that Fahrenheit and Celsius intersect at 40 below, I do, I learned this the week BEFORE a winter night when the temperature was predicted to dip to 40 below zero. Working as the lead chief boiler operator, we had to plot weather, measured past output charts recorded temps. and anticipate what our community's heat, steam and electric load demand would be. Plotting a solution and a plan to get everything in place for it, lastly, all the boilers heated up, in order to quickly spool-up everything we had waiting, to swiftly bring online if needed, and we needed every last bit of it, several times, for extended periods that winter.

When this type of weather event happens in the near future, during the solar minimum we find ourselves now in, if we unwittingly allow some unseen hand to continue on this path of closing base load energy production to be shifted to wind power, people, lots of them will freeze to death in their homes.

The thing I do remember from that night was thinking my little wind charger at home would be putting out nothing, because it was dead calm, eerie really, like the night survivors of the Titanic spoke about in recorded testimony and memoirs.


Hopefully this is still legible, having edited, clipped, shortened it up really trying to keep this ..um .. short-er Thank you Cynthia and Matt, The soapbox is one of the foundation boxes for this Republic, as they are all being pulled out from under us one by one.

Getting off of my soapbox now, and yield the rest of my time.

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