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Been waiting for a deeply researched backstory regarding Israel's current attack on Palestinians, and so relieved to find it here at last. Thank you this and your analysis.


I find Israeli/Zionist actions to be appalling and unacceptable in a world that should strive to express human excellence. Israeli actions are just the opposite of a pursuit for higher meaning and/or expression -- and for generations now Israelis' actions are devoid of anything but grasping and seizing material gain. Any kind of striving for improvement or realizing potential as a spiritual endeavor is not apparent in Israeli behavior. So, when I read Rabbi Kook above --

>>....At the hour of the downfall of Western civilization, Israel is called upon to fulfill its divine mission by providing the spiritual basis for a New World Order.<<

--it just makes me want to gag. "SPIRITUAL BASIS"??? Israelis/Zionists have no claim to any spiritual basis in their existence or role on Earth. Israeli debasement of human interactions, Israeli perpetration of non-stop atrocities, and Israeli commitment to nothing but material gain for generations now -- this means they have long ago left aside any claim to any spiritual goal.

Israelis pursue goals for material gain to the detriment of all other pursuits, and it seems that could be the very CAUSE of the fall of any civilization, western or otherwise. And, certainly, no New World Order springing from Israeli/Zionist behavior could only be horrifying, cruel, debased.

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Just was thinking how early Muslim spread included sub-Saharan Africa in the period of the great African empires prior to the Italian Renaissance.

A Muslim Africa indicates that before European invasion/incursion and colonialism in Africa, Africa was most open and accepting of Muslim culture and influence.

This makes me think that plopping "Israel" into Palestine -- a colonizing force of European Jews/Zionists -- was truly a burr under the saddle of Islam just as intended by the Brits, smack dab in the middle of the cultural region, a buffer between Muslim North Africa and the Middle Eastern Islam. But it didn't just serve to make Palestine a proxy Brit colony of the West without colonizing it outright. It also served to deflect the Middle Eastern and North African Muslims from perceiving the same continuity of territory it knew in the past in regard to the Africa interior. This was why Libya's/Khadafi's vision of consolidating Africa via a continental financial system was so threatening to the Globalists/Neocons/Imperialists, not just financially, but also CULTURALLY as it could have reawakened the Muslim connection. Imagine a reawakening in Africa of a closer connection to the Middle East and East than to the West. What a different world it could be.

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The Palestinians and GAZANS are hostages as "human shields" for the Zionist regime. If Palestinians are forced to exit then nuclear and ground-warfare retaliation against Israel becomes more feasible.

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Excellent survey.... which supports my thesis the 1917 Balfour declaration calling for a Jewish homeland in Palestine had more to do with the discovery of vast oil resources in the Muslim Middle East, than any concern for the widely despised and persecuted Jews concentrated in the Pale of Settlement (Poland etc). That Israeli Jews are a pawn is also suggested by their beimg thr most savagely covid vaccinated people on earth.

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Zionists plan is all there. Great article 👏

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I wonder if Matt has read "The Myth of German Villany" by Benton L. Bradberry. Everything seems to fall into place on the world history chessboard with information from this book as it does with Matt's writings. If anyone needs a pdf copy send me your email. Thank you all for your consideration of reading this book. In search of truth, justice and freedom.

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the full audiobook is on bitchute- it's long and I'm working on it, but definitely worth the time (it's about WW1, WW2, and the Bolshevik revolution). The official history we have been taught is nothing but lies and propaganda. Another book worth reading (I've just started) is "The World Conquerors-The Real War Criminals" https://educate-yourself.org/cn/worldconquerersintro1958.shtml (and at that link, there's a video with Greg Felton, author of The Host and the Parasite, that's worth a listen).

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Thanks for that link!

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Again, brilliant and accurate commentary, Matthew.

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the Israel canal has been known for a long time, but the press has ignored this disaster as fanciful

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Excellent summary, best I have read so far.

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From all I see the "West" is intentionally failing. The adventure in Israel will be the Big Fail. Every war is a Banker's war and the pivot of hegemony from west to east will be enforced by the money masters.

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"Christian rapturists"... Ha!

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You hit the nail Matt, connecting (with documentation to support this analysis) the hidden dots. Then becomes clearer the greed motivations and piracy of the zionist plot, the whole picture of the ongoing bloody madness in Gaza -and their supporters- are in sight, plain sight. The "civilized" west is a huge scam, and the massive brain-washing the only way they have to occult their ghoulish intentions and strategics. How twisted and moralless they are in real, is overwhelming: we knew about it since long ago, but once more time, reality surpass fiction. Thanks for the deep dives you always bring in your works.

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Matt, you’re a brave and rising intellectual star and I have so enjoyed your work, finding it edifying, challenging and enlightening. You bring us both sides of the story and fascinating perspectives and insightful opinion. But, with your success comes a heavy burden of responsibility!

Reflecting upon the content of this article, it is evident that scriptural literacy is wanting. This isn’t the first time. Read the book that bears your name, specifically Matthew Chapters 24 and 25. Names have real meaning. Live your name-seek a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ- or you could put yourself and all your good work in danger of sliding further and further into sophistry and, thereby, error.

Considering your own content, can you not understand the Satanic ritual hallmarks of October 7? Surely you, a historian, would know that the ancestors of the Palestinians- the Philistines- engaged in such practices? October 7 had all the hallmarks: the taking of hallucinogenic drugs, the Molech-style burning of ‘child sacrifices’ the mutilation, ecstatic demonic murdering, the orgiastic violent rapes, the festivity and celebration in the boastful live stream sharing, the Baal Peor-style defecation on victims dead bodies, the legacy of ‘blessings’ paid out by terrorist gods to any Palestinian for their sacrificial killing of Jews (or ‘martyrs’ sacrificing themselves instead) the idolatrous feasting on food families had laid out for Sukkot ?? Why, October 7 represents and confirms absolutely everything you have taught us about this specific history and its evil patterns yet you completely gloss over that here and in other content?

Everything about this and its global response is a manifestly boastful, craven demonic attack on all humanity. Around 52 nations were represented amongst the murdered, the injured and the brutalised hostages. This is never even mentioned in any discourses on this war. Your article is no exception. It’s not just about the geopolitics of Jews, Israel, Palestine or WW3. No, it is exactly what you, Matt, have consistently been warning us about. Spiritual warfare: a blatant manifestation of what it looks like when an unrestrained, special hatred from the pits of Hell is incubated, spawned, embraced and then unleashed upon humanity; simply because we are all ‘made in God’s image’ and he loves us. There is only one God with a capital ‘G’ and after the fall there were only ever two choices in all of human history: eternal life and freedom (in Christ), or eternal death and enslavement, (to Satan). It is down to each individual to humble themselves before God and choose life, then learn how to recognise exactly what it is we are witnessing in our very finite lives, as Jesus Christ gently heals broken souls and renews minds to be fully reconciled with him.

‘Harpazo,’ or the Rapture, or the next Arc up in the clouds- is set to departure immanent, but date unknown. Matt, as a watchman on the walls of known civilisation, you should be less careless and way more vigilant regarding this ‘blessed hope’ clearly explained by Jesus Christ himself through the scriptures. Can you not see, from your own UFO studies and videos, how plausible it is that the terrifying, mass disappearance of millions of the living and the dead in Christ could be selectively framed by the ‘new’ grand narrative of one world religion as “the aliens who seeded the planet have removed all those of lower consciousness so that the remnant can evolve to a higher consciousness?” Can’t you, of all people, see how the death cult oligarchy as you call them, will revel in this instantaneous mass depopulation of the planet and the infinite opportunities it presents to control a grieving and terror-struck humanity? Don’t get duped into the word smithing alchemy of ‘mixing clay with iron.’ The Tribulation is not predicted to be a fun time and if you knew your scriptures you might have paid attention to the fact that after Revelations 3, the church and the Holy Spirit (aka ‘the restrainer’) are absent. God does not break his promises to those who worship him in spirit and in truth. Israel and the actual Christian churches are restraining influences on the evil crouching at the walls of civilisation. So if anyone here considers themselves civilised, they should be supporting, not discrediting the historic institutions of Israel and the church aka ‘the Judeo-Christian culture’ or the tree and the branch grafted into it.

The peace-making ‘messiah’ that Kook and friends were babbling about is none other than the antichrist himself. When he’s seated in the 3rd temple and demands that all take his mark, then fall down to worship him- minority remnant Jews and Christians will refuse to do so because they realise he isn’t their, or the planet’s saviour after all. The eternally damned antichrist and all who worship him will unleash a furious global Holocaust that will make October 7 look trite. Sincere Christians -who are scripturally literate- do not rejoice in the Rapture. We hope in it, but it is horrible to think of all the people we love or associate with- who choose to reject God- being suddenly left alone and afraid on the earth to endure not only the beast system, but God’s judgements and wrath upon those who detest both The Lord and all humanity during 7 years of Tribulation.

In conclusion, I implore anyone who got this far, to read that annoying spoiler alert called THE LIVING WORD OF GOD. (KJV or Geneva bibles- the others are being ‘transformed.’ ) While you still can, urgently seek and attend a church this Christmas which teaches and preaches The Word unapologetically, without compromise. Get right with God now because things are going to get way more spicy, before they cool down in the new heavens and the new earth with Christ as the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace. Place your hope and trust in him, store up your treasure in heaven.

At the very least, pray, and reflect upon these scriptures...

Isaiah 9

Daniel 2

Zechariah 12

Ezekiel 34-39

Matthew 24-25

7. Revelations 13

8. Psalm 91

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Have you looked into the Israeli connection regarding ChatGPT? I heard that the big shake up was because someone wanted it all to go to Israel via Microsoft. Now buying it for 10 cents on the dollar. MS R&D and "cybersecurity" are headquartered there now. Everything is backdoored, even Pentagon and US Defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca-C3voZwpM

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Appreciate this analysis. Brings into perspective that important project.

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Since the author, and the readers are not actually (yet) in a situation where their lives are constantly under violent threat, may I suggest you all put down your devices and start reading the LIVING WORD OF GOD with immediate effect, because you are scripturally illiterate.

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