How far back do you go when you speak of "science"? Which "science"? There are many. The oldest , most continuous, most worldwide science? Astronomy/astrology? Do you cover the Inquisitions, which brought the "medical profession" into being?

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This very long paper on the Hitler-Stalin Pact asserts the US actually did take on Germany''s role on the global stage as a result of WWII. Written in the Glasnost era when the USSR's libraries and secret vaults were opened up to the world and the official copies of the Pact - and its secret protocols - confirmed their existence after the US and west had officially denied their existence.

(It's over 100 pages, best to word search to find the assertion, but then you'd miss the rest of the good stuff!)

It even lays out the roots of the current Ukrainian - Russian conflict as a big reason why the existence of the Pact's secret protocols remained hidden by the US after WWII.

Yes, it is possible, and probable, that the US has been induced to play the part of Germany during the 1930's. And has been since 1944.

The Hitler-Stalin pact : discussion of the Non-Aggression Treaty and the secret protocols McGiIl University, Montreal, 1992

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/234008336_The_Hitler-Stalin_pact_discussion_of_the_Non-Aggression_Treaty_and_the_secret_protocols (.pdf available for free download)

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