Great discussion Matt. Your ability to take complex philosophical discussions and extrapolate them out into real world consequences (both moral and immoral) is always masterful and stimulates the divine spark in us to go deeper and think harder on metaphysical topics. There are many consequences to the thought patterns of a closed mind and system. Open mind, open system. It is interesting though that both systems have a different view of harmony, but harmony nonetheless. The harmony of human mind (left and right brain) produces an equilibrium which manifests into the aggregate as natural law, while still maintaining the sovereignty of the human being. In the closed system there must be some form of destruction (ie negation) to balance harmony. Hence, the Georgia Guidestones law of keeping population at 500,000 in perpetual balance with nature. This death mindset to balance harmony can be looked at through the lens of a strict empiricist mindset and then further on with cybernetics and a closed input output mechanistic worldview. Additionally though, there has to be a point where the “managers” assert themselves and decide they will be the controllers or ones who decide they will control this balance. That is where a false ideology of Darwin must come into play and the modern day Darwin Bulldogs like Harari must be taken to task and exposed for it. The interesting thing is man has a sense of harmony in himself but his view of how that harmony is to be attained can be different depending upon his open or closed mindset and his willingness to ask questions (open ended vs closed) about the essence of where life comes from.

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So long as everyone understands that all of humanity’s problems are “created” by less than 1% of the world’s population (the Eugenicist Money Junkies)—such as the controls over the fraud of scarcity, conflicts and war—humanity can correct and overcome these problems, but time is less-than short.

Understanding “why” can free you and the rest of the world, but most are methodically brainwashed from birth to believe in three major fallacies trapping society to scarcity, conflicts and war: The lie there are too many people; overpopulation. The lie there is not enough resources; the scarcity due to overpopulation, lie. The lie electricity “must be for profit” by other energy sources. It’s total bullshit, but with controls over media, textbooks and humanity’s resources, these lies can perpetuate generation after generation, without interference by the brainwashed masses.

Generational controls, along with the power over perception, is the most insidious prison ever created for the individual, and now with digital-biochemical technology to control the human mind by genetic alterations within the brain itself, they have realized their total domination over all humanity, without interference—and so is humanity forever doomed? No, not just yet, but as we all must understand—time is beyond shot to rise up and end it.

5G networks coupled with mNRA Bioweapons and other bogus vaccines, including what’s laced within our controlled food supply, water, the air we breath and various other methods, plus digital money controls— “their” ability to micromanage the human population on every level is virtually complete, and again, humanity is doomed unless we rise up and persecute those making it all possible for these evil individuals like Bill Gates, Schwab, Rockefeller, Rothschild—their bought & blackmailed Engineers of all sciences, Politicians, Lawyers and Judges.

We must develop and rise up with our peaceful militias, create Nuremberg Courts, arrest and charge these monster for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason, then imprison them in University Mental Facilities so the next generation of students have the intelligence and power to prevent this form happening ever again. There is No Other Way.

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Nice One Matt - but do you need to sell the solutions? Surely the Truth is free?

"Now we request you, brothers, to show respect for those who are working hard among you and presiding over you in the Lord and admonishing you; and to give them extraordinary consideration in love because of their work. Be peaceable with one another. On the other hand, we urge you, brothers, to warn the disorderly, speak consolingly to those who are depressed, support the weak, be patient toward all. See that no one repays injury for injury to anyone, but always pursue what is good toward one another and to all others." [1 Thessalonians 5: 12-15]

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