Honestly, Matt, I was confused by your opaque reference (at the very beginning of this essay) to a 'space based" (?) economy that might have brought universal prosperity in the 1960's. (Were you thinking of but not saying out loud, that some kind of lunar mining project -- for Helium 3 or something like that -- was a global missed opportunity?)

And I was similarly lost when I got to your fuzzy second to last paragraph:

"...With the rise of the drug-loving anarchists of the new left who would later become leading figures of today’s sociopathic establishment, a new ethic was created on the basis of equating all aspects of western civilization (including the space program, atomic technology, the American constitution and western values more broadly) to be as evil as the war in Vietnam, corporate greed and the military industrial complex..."

Please name names or at lesst supply a few more pertinent details about who and what you're talking about. Specifically, what drug addled New Left ideas or leaders can you trace forward through to today's political climate? How were we delivered into this surveillance/security perpetual warfare dystopian psyopcracy by any failure of the extremely vague "peace, love, tolerance and respect" ideas that were prevalent among New Left leaders of the 1960's -- including RFK, sr and MLK?

Can we please get a Part 2 clarification? How exactly has anarchism brought us to Authoritarianism? I'm old enough (70 on my next birthday) to remember the 60's and it just seems to me you've jumped over some pertinent missing pieces.

Otherwise, you've done a great job, taking us back to a time when people had honest hopes for better outcomes for the general welfare of our whole planet.

Thank you!

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Love your work Matthew.... but two facts need correcting:

Moon landing....1969 not 1968.

American dead in Vietnam.....50k, not 500k. I know these things, because I was there.

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Wow. YOU were on the Moon too?

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Touché....no but I watched it past midnight at my girlfriend's house on a school night. Her father...a lovely gentleman, allowed us to stay up past midnight as he deemed it an historic event.

I was a senior in highschool. I regret I failed to marry that one. She got away. Three wives later...

Alas, I no longer believe in the moon landing Matt. Forgive me for pointing it out. You're an unbelievable historian. But I couldn't resist. Sinitneed

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Unfortunately, Kennedy is running inside the Democratic Party.. The party will never let him win

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"If even a modicum of the wisdom expressed by MLK, JFK or Bobby Kennedy is alive in the heart of Donald Trump, Bobby Kennedy Jr, and a few other world leaders, then I would say the chance of a bright future for mankind is not lost."


We are doomed!

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RFK jr would be the best presidential candidate. It would appear he would not go along with new vaccines for the next generated pandemic. He is not corrupt like Biden. He is however just as Israel oriented as Trump. I have read he doesn['t believe that Israel is an apartheid state and the Palestinians are not being ethnic cleansed by Israel. Although he has the courage to basically believe the Oliver Stone version of his uncle's assassination he completely misses the Israeli participation which is a place where Matt doesn't go either. Another area is his complete belief in the man made CO2 is causing climate catastrophe. He has even stated that climate "deniers" should be put in jail. In the past he has said he thought Hillary Clinton was an excellent person to run for President. Makes me wonder about his judgement. And to be truthful I wouldn't like to listen to his voice for four years. The democratic party apparatus will never let him get the Democratic nomination. As he is running as a Democrat he would be obliged to honor a commitment to endorse the Democratic nominee. He will make the campaign more interesting.

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If you really study hard, you'll determine the USA never went to the Moon. The Firmament is in the way. Also, remember the missile shoot-down of TWA-800 on July 17, 1996 near East Moriches, Long Island? No, it wasn't a center fuel tank wiring problem and there was no internal explosion. It was TWO expanding warhead missles that were sea-launched. The U.S. Navy was conducting war games and things went awry. And how about that CIA created fantasy piece they showed on mainstream media TEL-A-LIE-VISION of TWA-800 continuing to CLIMB - after its nose and the forward fuselage ahead of the wings was sliced off! That was priceless propaganda prepared for the Sheople quislings. Get a grip on realty folks - things are NOT as you've been told.

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I'm REPOSTING this because someone removed it:

You've got to be INSANE to believe that we need the "wisdom" of Bobby Effin' Kennedy! The ONLY individual calling out the paradigm of the LEFT-RIGHT machine and their devious program to continue this charade year after year is Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD! Better get your ducks in a row and see the light here: Dr. SHIVA LIVE: From Trump to Biden - They Exploit You. Why Do You Allow It? Here's the link - and Dr. Shiva does not mince words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ2deeZ22Aw&t=1464s

Once you've delved into Dr. Shiva and studied his platform of Truth, Health & Freedom, YOU'LL NEVER BE DECEIVED AGAIN!!! Here's his website for further enlightenment: https://truthfreedomhealth.com/

We don't need nor want anymore "EMPIRE" builders like the Clintoneesta Crime Family, the Bush Crime Family, a Kenyan Obummer, the Trumpee Actor, or Slo Joe Biden. They've ALL been selected and promoted by the establishment to keep America in check - and We the People will have NO MORE of their insanity! And that goes for TWO-faced Kennedy.

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appropos to this heartfelt article by Matt, I highly recommend the Netflix doc "Bobby for President" it is 4 parts and is from 2018, just for the footage alone it is worth watching.

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