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Matt, agree with rest, but not with this:

“ Across North America, it would not be difficult to reactivate the Keystone XL pipeline. It would be simple to bring back cheap natural gas and petroleum projects by ending the attack on fracking and sideways drilling that made the U.S. largely energy self-sufficient for the first time in generations.”

Canadian tar sand is to toxic. Koch brothers( one left) invested heavily in Destillation plants in Texas for this heavy oil. Glad that evil lost a little. A little spill happened to.

Ask Texans why they started not giving licenses for fracking anymore? I guess, coffee started to stink. Same for Penn state. Bottled water isn’t cheap. Personally, it’s extremely thought to detox from chemicals and heavy metals. Thanks to Rockefellers, we are in dark ages about detoxification. Have you been in East Texas ( Houston) till Lake Charles in Louisiana? Now, I should say, till Battle Rouge. I am getting cancer, just thinking how air was intoxicated with fumes. So called “ Cancer Valley “ of US. Toxic guts of USA. 10-15 years ago, over 60% of women south of Houston, had Fatty Liver. It is sign of toxins and wrong foods. Perpetual dirty money machine: toxins make people stupid, then stupid permit more toxins. And someone, on Tropical island, laughs.

What’s wrong with trains as public transport? Or for freight. Karl Schwab Marionetten and Crown neoliberal stupid Politikers in Germany, moved freights from fast trains to cheeper Polish Trucks. And started stealing money from DB ( Deuche Bahn/ German Railway) full coffers. Railway “depopulated “, Autobahnen “overpopulated”…

Long time ago, some USA transportation engineer specialist saying on NPR, that Hitler made Autobahns in Germany, so that their motorized army , can go from point A( border), to point B( another border) in fast possible way. Avoiding thru cities and downtowns. And specialist called that stupid!?

If I remember correctly, Transiberian railway is electrified. To bad for “ brother” Koch?

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