Your article is about promoting China as a benevolent power and painting over the volume of evidence that China is no our friend and never will be. Here in Australia we are experiencing what China is realy like. Thousands of Australians are out of work and many are losing their businesses because of China's trade war against Australia. The war is entirely a one way affair , Australia unlike America not proposing any retaliations against China. Our country has been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence agencies and our universities in particular are deeply under Chinese control. Chinese students and immigrants are being coerced by threats against their relatives in China. Chinese diplomats have had Australian students bashed by chinese agents at our universities . So please don't try to pull the wool over our eyes with your pro China shilling. I will be unsubscribing from your blog today , there are already too many folk lying and covering for the Chinese dictatorship , I will not support lying.

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