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Except you didn't say ANYTHING substantive whatsoever about 'the British origin of the UFO psyop' did you, Matt? You just came out with your usual historical rant about Anglo-Saxon self-perpetuating imperialism centered now in Washington but also still steered from London (a rant which is well honed by now and - I admit - informative and useful for those who haven't heard it before or come across James Corbett's work on the same subject).

But when asked directly by Mike about 'the British origin of the UFO psyop' your reply was simply 'well, what information do you have?'. You then deftly moved on to another subject. Shortly after which it became obvious to Mike that there was no time left and there would have to be another interview to cover it.....

Frankly, it was a con...

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A brilliant interview! So helpful to my understanding. Thankyou Mike Robinson and Matt Ehret.

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