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I paid for your books, and they are a treasure. I hope you

are thanking God for your brain, which is excellent. It is in

sharp contrast to the people that have no darn brain to speak of.

I am nothing special, but I am a reader of many hundreds of books.

I taught myself to read before I dared speak English aloud, age 5-6.

I had guts, I found the most beautiful church in the area, got in, and they

sent me to the little kids room, gave me a blank of Jesus, crayons, koolaid

and graham crackers. I went their several years. They made me very welcome

and so happy to be there. Parents? I might as well have been Pippi Longstocking.

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Isn't the British monarchy a (complicit) front/puppets for the same interests that have also subverted the US constitution and all its institutions? Is it really accurate to characterize the problem as British?

Far from being archaic, isn't the Coronation Oath, if kept and/or enforced, a valuable protection from tyranny, the totalitarian tip-toe and the general governmental over-reach with which we are all faced today?

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A very interesting exposé of Black Nobility intrigue and deprivation in the 20th century. The Royal House of Orange is heavily implicated. The British throne is occupied by that branch of Black Nobility, known now as the Windsors who are the Guelph (aka Saxe Coburg and Gotha) since William of Orange.

War against Hitler was declared in 1939 by the British government. The evidence gathered here would support the theory that the British Empire was NEVER British, but is in reality a Black Nobility Empire, providing a stepping stone towards one world government.

All wars are genocides conducted against the common people by those who claim a bogus 'divine right to rule'.


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Are you familiar with Dr. John Coleman https://youtu.be/OCzR7NCeMYA

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A journalist who went to Spain to cover the 'civil war' against the 'dictator Franco', and who got caught up fighting with the opponents of Franco, had to escape persecution by the same people he had fought with. Later at home, in the UK, he found twisted and distorted media reports on the 1936/38 events in Spain, media which has been controlled by the HISTORY WRITERS for over a century. Instead of going into exile, as many truth tellers still have to do, this journalist wrote a book telling his side of the truth, the book is called 'Animal Farm'. You, Mr Ehret, are a well read collector of information, but alas, it does not go very far behind and beyond the 'history writers' narrative.

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Great Post...Could you elaborate about this connection onto the North American Continent as it's clear this aspect of the International Mafia from centuries past is relevant with the current events threatening the same western culture it's built.

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Thatll be fun, I like Jerm's style. He lets people talk. When he speaks, it's very relevant.

Once I replace these dead speakers.

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