Excellent and timely presentation. Would appreciate a deeper dive into the occult roots of “Synarchism”, which to my knowledge was identfied by US Army Intelligence in WWII as the control network behind both the Communist and Nazi regimes and ideology. Anton Chaitkin presented an EIR article, on “Synarchy Against America”, on Sept 2, 2003, and “Occult Network” provides evidence of Synarchy being traced to French occult networks in the 18th Century. The formulation of Operation Gladio appears to have manifest from Synarchism. https://occult-world.com/synarchy/%0A%0A https://larouchepub.com/other/2003/3034synarch_v_amer.html

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Great show, history and remarkable guest with great intel. I read today that 2 US military cargo ships are now stuck at Baltimore Harbour. Would they have been involved in "deliveries"

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Fascinating episode. Trying to find out what the link is with the executive producers of Get Smart... nothing really popping out. Anyone pick up on anything?

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A few quibbles with Turkish content.

I think your reference to Turks being Muslims only after the Osmanli converting is somewhat misleading. The Selçuk Turks were the first major Turkish group to enter the Muslim world in the 11th century as rulers of an empire that encompassed a large part of the Iran, Iraq and parts of today's Syria, Palestine and Turkey, as well as parts of Central Asia. The Selçuk Turks, like the "Osmanli" were both originally a part of the Oğuz Turks. The Selçuks in Anatolia provided Osman with the original territory he ruled over. This İslamic conversion of Turks happened a couple hundred years earlier than you seem to understand.

Your Colonel seems to think Menderes was some sort of Western democrat. He was an autocrat, increasingly acquiring more powers to his presidency. True, he was pretty much a US puppet who brought Turkey into NATO. He was overthrown not by a "Gladio" coup, but a leftist type Ataturkcu coup which brought Turkey a new liberal/social democrat constitution. The "Gladio" type coups occurred in 1971 and 1980, creating a more autocratic constitution.

Alparslan Türkeş was a colonel and founder of the Grey Wolves after WWII. He assisted in the Gladio type coups mentioned above, partly by providing the far right counterparts to the secular left youths participating in violence leading up to the 1980 coup. Much of this violence was also guided by Turkish intelligence which infiltrated both sides and allegedly even created some groups on both sides to increase the tensions leading to the coup. All the same, many of the Turkish youth on the left were guided by Atatürk's Address to the Turkish youth to be wary of malevolent people at home and abroad who might undermine the principles of the revolution.

I am not sure what the first world war has to do with Gladio, even though British intelligence often operated in the same way and more so at times. The alleged Armenian "genocide" numbers your colonel produces have been inflating in time with the dollar, and are, to say the least, disputable. The tragedy was a result of the conditions of the times - war since 1912, famine and disease.

The Muslim population suffered as well, even the soldiers. That a relocation of the Armenians from a war zone took place was hardly surprising, as such occurrences were commonplace in war time. Some 600,000 Jews were also displaced by the Russians under suspicion of collaborating with the German enemy. Similarly, Serbs were deported to the Romanian province, among others and placed in concentration camps by the Austro-Hungarians. I am not sure of the numbers there, but the numbers of displaced Jews in Russia were similar to the actual numbers of displaced Armenians in the Ottoman lands. Yes, massacres of Armenians did occur, but some 1500 Ottoman military personal were prosecuted by the Ottoman government for their roles in in committing such massacres.

Not surprisingly the emphasis and outright misinformation against the Ottoman Muslims on the the Armenian deportations in the Christian world is echoed today in similar bigotry against Muslim peoples and groups by Western governments and media. The imperialist propaganda effort is never ending when it comes to the other.

I realize that you are only summarizing, but little mistakes in facts, incomplete understanding and unconscious bias in interpretation of events weakens your presentation a bit.

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The Colonel mentioned her doubts concerning Saddam gassing the Kurds. Could it have been Mossad as they are being increasingly referred to as being behind may so-called terrorist attacks, past and present, in the way NATO has been through operation Gladio?

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The dude forgot about the Parthian Empire . He left out 500 years . Everybody trumpets about a first Persian Empire from 559-to 489 BC . Fr..ing 73 years . Oh maybe because the Parthians were not Persians , Arabs and Jews . So you guys are racist . Thanks a lot .

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