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Good discussion about Africa, until you get to the topic of energy. You, as well as 99% of the people on Earth are “trained” to think about energy all wrong. Energy, electricity, is free and abundant. The greatest flaw to date about energy comes from the cartels who shape the discussion; the energy profiteers and their engineers who will always insist “noting is for free, especially energy.” And they are all full of shit money-junkies for saying so. They know the truth I’m about to insist upon. We must stop letting the corrupt engineers trap our minds in the “energy source” box. It’s the absolute WRONG approach to solving the bogus energy crisis. Keep repeating after me: “There is NO scarcity of electricity, and it’s totally free,” if we build for it. The secret for energy independence for each city and country on Earth is all about “how you build the superconducting DC infrastructure” to suck up and transfer an abundance of energy of multiple forms from multiple energy collector-transformers from an infinite number of methods developed over time, most already understood, and all of them clean, like electrostatic, wind, hydro and sunlight. But that’s just scratching the surface. Here on Earth, we do NOT nor have we ever needed oil, coal, helium 3 from the moon (not even if we were already on the moon), fission, fusion or any nuclear methods from someone who will sell us kilowatts. So long as we are trapped into believing it’s first all about the source, or the fraud that there’s an energy shortage, or that it must be manufactured and sold to people for profit, humanity is dead.

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