Matt, your writings provide a ray of hope that people in Canada and the US will try to get away from the preachings of hate for Russia and China and the entire ideology of Communism

I always wondered why a country like the US is so hateful toward communism when that ideology was failing and the lifestyles of the communist countries did never come close to the West. America’s panic reached proportions that defied and defies any logic.

Your writings should hopefully reach some of those that have asked the same questions I have. Communism was and is a curtain behind Canadian and American leadership can hide while washing their dirty laundry. These two countries are as evil as evil can be. Why would there be a concern of theirs with communism while they could focus on Africa and wonder why people on that continent struggle with fundamental issues humans can face. Communism was an easy sell to these countries. Even a utopia like communism would be better for them than what they face.

Mark Twain at one time saiid something that sounded like it is easier to tell people lies than to convince them they were lied to.

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So glad I learned about you on a recent Badlands Media channel recently!

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