Matt Ehret says the "Khazarian mafia" Antisemitic narrative is wrong, there were Jews that wanted to get rich, then became evil people not because they were born Jewish, on the contrary, they just wanted to be rich and powerful, thus they decided to go away from the real Jewish teachings. Throughout history there were many evil Christians, so we have to say "Christians are all evil people?" Jews in the world are 14 million only, they are a tiny minority and many not-Jewish people talk about them in a bad way because of their total ignorance. At the beginning Matt Ehret says something taken directly from Hamas propaganda, a sentence relating to 7.000 supposed death arabs in Gaza, I disagree with the way he mentioned that unconfirmed data. He didn't said a word on the 7.10.23 massacre inside Israel, that itself put himself into a deep Antisemitic like narrative. Following this, he said other evil things about the Jews, BUT generally speaking, I can share most of his words like they were my own. I didn't knew most of his historic survey.

As I supposed - that "Khazarian Mafia" anti-Talmud narrative is pure Antisemitic nonsense. Mr Clif High and others (Benjamin Fulford, Juan O'Savin, Mike Jaco, etc. ) have to listen to Matt Ehret on this matter. Matt says Arthur Koestler is not to be taken too seriously on the Khazarian narrative...

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Thank you immensely for these talks with Mel K. Whenever I see that Mel has either you or Cynthia on her show, these videos go to the top of my watch list. She gets the best of the best on her shows, and you and Cynthia have a way of telling the historic truths that have caused this current world to be in the mess that it's in, and the reasons why it is hidden from people. An understanding of the web of deception that goes back hundreds of years, is necessary to truly realize how little we now know, despite our level of modern education in the current broken systems.

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I would like to hear your review of Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion.

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