US Congress passed a bill worth half a billion for "Negative Chinese Coverage". im sure this is only a drop in the bucket. i've noticed this PsyOp since Obama was in office.

for me, the most disheartening is the people without integrity, willing to sell their souls to promote evilness, war propaganda.. which may lead to death & suffering. shame on these people!

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This was great to get your formative background in the LaRouche Club of Dissident Thinkers ;-) I can see why you said my intro was a Platonic thought process. Your statement of how to build a logical thought system--not throwing everything out each time but being open to change when you hit something that doesn't logically fit--is exactly what I echoed in mine. That's so important to distinguish between being gullible and being willing to change your mind with new information!

I linked this interview in another Substack where someone was talking about the Uighers and organ-harvesting. Glad to be able to point them to someone with more knowledge than I had at my fingertips.

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Your assertion that George Bush would've been on the ground in Tienanmen Square fomenting a Color Revolution opens up your entire commentary to question. There's a lot more information available that is sufficiently compelling and credible enough to debunk your assertion. And in doing so call to question the entire China narrative presented in your remarks. I'm interested in your explanation that would help me reconcile your remarks with this historical context.

How George H.W. Bush became Beijing’s ‘old friend’ in the White House

CNN, December 1, 2018


"“There’s no doubt Beijing sees him as the best friend China has ever had in the White House"

The U.S.-China Relations Legacy of President George H. W. Bush

George H W Bush Foundation for US - China Relations


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