Yes, Matt, please keep repeating and going over and over the information you covered in this video, and with other’s, too, every damn week. It’s important the masses get it through their indoctrinated-heads the truth; the lies of overpopulation, war, scarcity and the fear of science & technology—all due to those who keep abusing science trapping every generation to scarcity, conflicts and war. “They” have done a fine job over the millennia brainwashing every generation to believe the nonsense life and the liberties of free, self-determined people have been the cause of starvation, poverty and war. Without your help, I do not stand a chance of realizing my own dreams for building better student-run universities with open, well funded labs that will allow for the safe evolution of technology that will then allow humanity to build, rebuild, and recycle the infrastructure (communication, energy, transportation, water, recycling, currency) that will forever end scarcity causing every generation to believe in the horrifically-wasteful, ongoing wars, torturous prisons and disease. I’ve no delusions. I understand it will take ongoing, hard work cheaper than compulsory conflicts and war, and that we will need humane mental institutions for the criminally-insane money-junkies at the top of their very sick pyramids of controls.✌️❤️🗽

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A lifetime of entropy indoctrination = demoralization but the good news is we can all educate people one mind at a time abundance which = ascension. The root of abundance will outgrow Dawkins false selfish gene and that thinking will go to the dustbin of history.

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I have sometimes disagreed with Matt, but I think his analysis of the low level eco-terrorists carrying out a program they don't fully understand directed by the Ubermenschen is spot on and correlates with the thesis about conspiracy and stupidity. The Covid scam was advanced by many individuals with differing motivation.

I would add that, even if the Ubermenschen are correct about a closed universe and the inevitable destruction of humanity through entropy, it is absurd to hasten mankind's destruction through trans-human genocide, and an evil usurpation of the individual right to have input into his own fate. The suspicion that life is meaningless is not an excuse for suicide, but for renewed determination to find meaning.

Yes, humankind has been largely ignorant in the past, but the more communication and debate there is, the more truly democratic communication becomes, as with Gutenberg and now the internet, the more informed will become the masses. Removable type eventually flowered into the Enlightenment and the values expressed in the Declaration and Constitution. It's of primary importance to protect our freedom of thought and speech, which the Ubermenschen are currently attempting to extinguish in order to maintain their control. We must fight to keep the internet open, to encourage the awakening of the demos, rather than its wokeness.

Gonçalo Alves da Cunhaposits a moral (spiritual) decay. He is right, and the antidote is protecting the open internet and the First Amendment.

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Just finished reading , Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops, and it is an essential primer for understanding today's world crisis. Our history is being stolen from us and countries cannibalized by moronic elites who refuse to face the reality they do not get to run the world. They can burn the books until Hell freezes over but they have also burned their credibility to a cinder.

It is clearly time for the West to quit waging wars and start the rebuilding the societies and democracies destroyed. The failed unipolar world is the very reason the multipolar world must emerge.

Western powers only see the world in terms of conquest, when there is so much more to life.

China is not the enemy, the enemy is within, getting through denial is the first step to recovery.

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These eugenicist technocratic entrepôts want to convince the world that humans are bad for mother earth, and they are succeeding.

I imagine the devil laughing gleefully at his own success of gathering his own personal army doing his work for him in the world of disseminating these ideas and their culture of death.

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