Life is ironic.

For many years of when having my Twitter account, I exposed the dangerous threat to our free and national sovereignty of our lives, elections, economy, judiciary, and politics. I referred to myself as a ‘Soros Hunter’.

You see I always wondered how his Hungarian Jewish family were able to retain their wealth and position while my family lost their business, department store, Budapest apartment, their Black Sea dacha AND their citizenship. I concluded they were collaborators.

So there I was hunting his history and peering under nearly every Politician and Industrialists, to find NZ/eugenics family histories. I followed up and posted on the Open Society (often involving USAID, UK Foreign office, and National endowment for democracy) Colour revolutions. And how it always ended with asset stripping and erosion of traditional Judeo-Christian value systems.

Now the ironic part. For over twenty years I discovered that my neighbour, Niels Taub, colluded with Soros to break the British Bank but worse, was THE man for Eastern Europe OS. And his family Von Taub, were Estonian German aristocracy who benefitted greatly from the lands bestowed on them in ethnically cleansed Poland during the war. His Aunt wrote that though the family were not Party members, they supported it’s ambitions.

PS their foundation was heavily involved financially in Astra Zeneca Vee.

After my research it explained why they never acknowledged my existence when passing me by car in the village when I was on a horse. Never slowing down even when going 50 mph on our tiny lane. Even when that horse was 16’3 hands high. Wrong ethnicity.

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Thank you Cynthia, this documentary was excellent! You have a lovely voice that is perfect for narration. This is an easy to share video. By that I mean well written, great images with a wealth of information packed into a listenable (time wise) format. Added bonus is I don't know anyone who likes Soros. Best wishes on your trip.

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Very nice production! Great job guys!

Found at least one error though....

The quote attributed to David Ignatius regarding NED doing what the CIA used to do is incorrect....

David Ignatius is the author of the Washington Post article, where he attributes that quote to Allen Weinstein, NED's founder.


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Eight US presidents?

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