We been running by the bank cartel since 1913 when they installed the central bank aka the federal reserve illegally. They've infiltrated our country in every levels.. took over the school system to indoctrinate. Media to spread propaganda, Hollywood as their influencers. Placed their people in all important positions and the rest has been paid off or blackmailed this was when Epstein came in. All wars were created by them and sold to us in the name of democracy.. it was to install their banks in those countries. And those didn't want to play along .. they assassinated 'em like they did to JFK and Lincoln https://rumble.com/v1wxl0i-all-wars-are-private-bankers-wars.-stop-collaborating-with-our-common-enemy.html

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Republic? Saving the republic?! Haven't you noticed that the USA is an empire? You can't save what isn't there. Or do you mean we should try to save the dying empire.

Just a few hours ago I posted Blind sings for the deaf. I believe you will recognise yourself among the progressive voices.


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