Loved your conversation on mixed topics with the very nice Holmes family and friend, you all came across so sweet and natural including lots of laughs, great show.

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Most definitely head there right after this got to get that in Matt thanks!

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So Wonderful. I look forward to learning something new and significant, which is usually guaranteed reading and listening to Matt, Cynthia and their guests (just like most of the Substack writers I subscribe), plus two more great authors I’ve never read concerning neurology and the brain: Iain Mcgilchrist (?) & Jordan Peterson. “Enriching.” God, I love that word.

en·​rich | \ in-ˈrich , en- \

en​riched; en​rich​ing; en​rich​es


transitive ​verb

: to make rich or richer especially by the addition or increase of some desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient

//the experience will enrich your life

: such as

a : to add beauty to : ADORN

b : to enhance the taste of

//butter will enrich the sauce

c : to make (a soil) more fertile

d : to improve the nutritive value of (a food) by adding nutrients (such as vitamins or amino acids) and especially by restoring part of the nutrients lost in processing

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I like the way that this family explores different topics together and are able to communicate their findings. As a parent myself, I have always looked for age-appropriate material that I could introduce to them to start that important journey into critical thinking and luckily came across to a very good source of such through the amazing James Corbett, called the Tuttle Tweens (https://www.corbettreport.com/teaching-children-about-liberty-solutionswatch/ ) Since we started reading the age8-11 series, I have more and more thought of how great it would be if your material/knowledge can be done for the younger audience.. The kids love Horrible History and most Greak Mythology, but is kind of not whole or connected to everyday experience. Anyhow, I’ve been hooked on listening and watching your work and that of other such interesting lecturers/guests you have on the RTF! Thank you 😊

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