Outstanding! Simply outstanding. What more is there to say? Jason’s work is inspiring.

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Definitely going to watch this documentary series. 👍

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Much needed and I am looking forward to them all

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I did some math & came to an interesting conclusion. All 9 Billion people are invited to come to my city Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada to debate this issue. It's perimeter highway encircles the city, approximately 40 square miles. There's enough room within this area for every single person on this planet to have their own 3'x3' area to sit or stand in for the debate. Only caveat is No masks allowed. Pack your own lunch.

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Sep 30, 2023·edited Sep 30, 2023

By the time we got here we had watch it with pages of questions, thoughts, ideas etc...etc. No doubt watching it again is on the cards. Thank you Matthew/Cynthia/RTF. The entire world needs to follow this series and ... the a-mazing work you do.

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I usually enjoy your content, however in the video I lost count of the times she mentioned “fossil” fuel. That’s a marketing strategy “scarcity term “ coined with no evidential basis.

I have many petrochemical engineering colleagues and a few geologists that have assured me that the earth will never “run out” of crude oil.

That doesn’t mean that all the other soft sustainability solutions start up engineers won’t continue to sell alternative energy solutions.

Everyone needs to pay bills and there are infinite budget seeking rackets out there.

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Good job.

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Half truths

We have the technology to replace fossil fuel, it hundreds of years old

It is called hydrogen.

Everybody can produce its own on demand, making it safe and useful everywhere and by anybody

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Its true that scarcity is a myth but industrial chemical agriculture is a travesty and should not be endorsed.



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A fantastic and much needed polemic exposing the misanthropy and pessimism of the anti-human ideology of so-called "environmentalism."

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Congratulations to RTF, all very important questions that must be addressed. I look forward to the rest of the series and will share it.

What concerns me the most is the questions cannot be addressed as long we are in a global crisis dominated by war agendas.

The first step forward is the equilibrium and civility that comes with peace.

As a critical global issue it is going require immense global cooperation and allocations of resources. human and financial.

It is most importantly going to require a new mindset where we come to realize we are custodians of planet Earth, a finite habitat that is the ultimate arbiter of our future. Indigenous cultures have realized this for eons of time but it is a fundamental capitalist cultures are willfully ignorant of considering.

In addressing this momentous issue we are not even at the starting line. As long as the present global status quo prevails we may not get to it.

As has been pointed out ad nauseum we are the only species that fowls our own habitat, even my dogs are selective in this regard.

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Thanks for handing out the crucial tools we need to pin these cons to the wall with facts and the duped do gooders oblivious to it all.

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