Comparing climate change to nuclear war is very appropriate. Both are hoaxes.

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apology I found a YT link to teh previous historical document


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Hi Mathew, I've started following your work more closely (Cynthia's also) and have found that it seems to rather elegantly tie together so many otherwise inexplicable threads that were more and more indicating some kind of oligarchic cabal or perhaps network of largely cooperating factions that transcend nations yet infiltrates them thoroughly with their technocratoc agents, corrupting the instruments of State to serve the ends of said oligarchs.

On a side note, it's at least been a relief getting the sense from you that it's not all some conspiracy run by the people formerly of Judea. I was already coming to suspect such people (only a infinitesimally small subset of members of that overall ethnicity of course) were perhaps mostly junior partners and consequently more visible than the senior partners who get to exist out of view. To the degree this is accurate, they may have even served as a means to draw attention away from those possessing the lion's share of the power: probably just a side benefit.

It makes a good deal of sense to me that the cabal would include some ruthless remnants of old aristocratic, monarchical and papal powers and even imperialists driven underground following the migrations into Rome and then the fall of Byzantium. That these would culminate in the British empire seeking to maintain itself and the privileges of the masters. That in part they seek to hold back population growth and material progress that would bring on such chaos, devastation, ecological collapse, etc. and there is something to that, though I don't trust the manifest evil they seem to exhibit in some of their means and ends. It's nore complicated than fhat because various merchant, bankers and intellectual elites have fought to take a share of that power and work through secret societies, the Enlightenment and drive populations to work towards their ends. Either way, it looks that the powers have merged and are seeking to subvert the nation states that had gained so much in the 19th and 20th centuries.

I need to maintain open ended skepticism and only allow more certainty insofar as I check primary sources. The thing that throws me the most however is how much you seem to exonerate Stalin, Mao and other leaders of Communist states. I don't have trouble accepting that there's been a lot of propaganda that slanders these governments, a lot of lies and misrepresentation. I would also think that such states trying to gain a footing would be subject to such attacks, diplomatic isolation, attempts to subvert their populations, etc. that it would drive something akin to immune system over-reaction, autoimmunity, persistent inflammation, etc. But how much do you think that Mao and Stalin are themselves closer to heroic than another manifestation of the evils of too much unaccountable power?

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hello Jared, allow me to say that it depends on the primary sources. Please never forget that elite family and freemasonery are behind all social changes, the Rothchild have designed the holocaust, the Chinese revolution the multipolarism. Please have a look at the documentary I posted above and take a quick look at authors like Niki Raapana, Alan Watt and Brendon Lee O'Connell, all quite silenced by the alternative media as well

For the last authors see


for A Watt https://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/radio/Sweet_Liberty.html

for Brendon Lee O'Connell there is only Patreon as he has been totally de_platformed many times and currently reconstructing in YT channel for the 4th time!

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Hi Paola, thanks for pointing me to some sources!

If you don't mind, are many of the old secret societies still active or instead have they been forced to rebrand or go completely underground? Have they effectively merged with intelligence/counterintelligence operations within the 5 Eyes for example?

Is something like the World Economic Forum actually a powerful body, or is it more of a decoy meant to be a target for attention of those who dabble into conspiracy thinking?

If you've followed any of Mathew Crawford, he points to a number of areas of interest... one is how the US DOD began investigating cults (I think ot was Jim Channon who did much of this work) and studied hpw tp deploy their methods for effective mind control and influence. Another program pre-existing it that must have worked with it later is Scientology, which supposedly has links to Naval Intelligence... Crawford documents how Scientology has managed to plant their people close to many important persons and even into dissident groups like the medical freedom movement.

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This is a very informative 30 min documentary by George Hunt on the publicly announced setting up of the new order


Thanks to Rosa Leoni for having provided this.

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