Looks awesome! Will definitely order soon or put on Christmas list. In regards to the content of the book and other works by Matt and Cynthia, can anyone recommend which works of Plato listed in the appendix to begin with?

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good on you, I fine book

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According to my understanding, the root of the reduction of truth to sheer consensus was laid by Kant. As a consequence the reign of sheer commercialism could flower in its fatal unhindered ways.

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Did you recover knowledge that water is not H2O?

Water is an element, inert hence it can cycle.

A carrier of substances but not a reactor with substances.

Easiest way to retard science and medicine was to subvert the knowledge of water.

We live within the realm of water. Our atmosphere is water.

Air is the gaseous form of water. It takes the form of bubbles.

Water is the liquid form of water. Full bubbles or drops

Ice contain both drops and bubbles.

Every gas exists when it is carried inside bubbles of air.

Hence every gas contains water.

Stir water and water air escape.

Oceans generate air as their waves generate bubbles.

Plants do not make oxygen.

Oxygen and nitrogen are man-ufactured and exist only when contained. They are not components of the atmosphere.

I have an article titled

We breathe air not oxygen

I hope you read it.

The second article provides experimental evidence oxygen and nitrogen are the same gas. Nitrogen is differentiated with the addition of carbon particles to suppress combustion.

Both gases invented to solve metallurgical problems.

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I’d like to read this. Do you consider the case of the Russian Constructivists?

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It says here https://react19.org/for-patients/patient-resources-education/how-to-guides/how-to-read-and-understand-research " A study was conducted recently, and the conclusion was drawn that those eating a single apple a day were less likely to see doctor when followed over a period of 1 year. Now based solely on reading the conclusion, some may simply accept this as fact and rush out to eat an apple a day."

How many people still believe the consensus liars tday now we know https://democracymanifest.substack.com

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Your work is phenominal Mathew. when it comes to today's science, i have found this website useful https://react19.org/for-patients/patient-resources-education/how-to-guides/how-to-read-and-understand-research

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Dec 27, 2023·edited Dec 27, 2023

@matthew ehret well done. but you fail to mention the harmful impacts of chemicals, toxins, emf's and more on our biologies and fertility rates.

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Thanks for putting this together for us Mathew.

And I would like to host you on my Fallacy and Idiocracy Podcast for the 2024 season.

My first episode will will be with Bob Young, Neil Young's brother and his book Mind Golf - the troubled genius of Moe Norman, and a perfect way to manifest impassioned visions for 2024.

I will be interviewing other authors /guests to educate us on the medical fallacies and germ theory myths, legal fallacies and how to take back your power.

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Death , decay , disorder is what the normal newspaper offers. News for a Death Culture.

The Human social nature to worry is satisfied?

Nothing to do with science here this pervasive Death Culture or thought as it’s assumed to be as ascribed by Plato.

All we have are their translated words without a living context.

Mexico celebrates Death in a festival which one doesn’t think of as a reason portraying classic thought.

Glad your looking at how precious life has been ignored however.

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Triste tider.. vi har et misantropisk lederskap. Heldigvis finnes det motkrefter.

"Where one current posits a living universe of creativity, law and design moving towards ever increasing states of perfectibility, and even assisted in this process by humankind, the other current of thought posits a universe shaped by death, decay and entropy, moving to ever increasing states of disorder, homogeneity."


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I just bought it on amazon. would be nice to read a small bit now, got any free samples before it is delivered?

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What great timing... I just published my two-part essay on how the usual story that quantum mechanics "proves" acasuality is a reversal of cause and effect. Instead it was pre-existing acausal philosophy that became the filter through which emerging discoveries in atomic physics were interpreted. I really enjoyed your insightful "Clash of the Two Americas." Looking forward to reading your new book, too.



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