Sweden was made “available” by war banker Rothschild, whose own grandmother said, “If my sons did not want war, there’d be no war.” All Nazis factions were/are born from Eugenicist Rothschild and his bloody Free Masons; Illuminati…later expanded after WWI and WWII by other Jewish War Bankers and Rockefeller—including the creation of the “international” Zionists movement, with the aid of U.S. presidents and English Royalty, followed by the KKK and various SkinHead fight clubs within the United States. ALL of these racists, satanic cults are Eugenicist-Jewish creations. ALL OF THEM! These divisions going way back before WWI are not naturally-occurring, nor are the racist Eugenicists causing them.

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I was brought up with the absolute knowledge that we were the good guys and that Germany / Italy / Japan were bad.

Having started looking into some inconvenient facts about the two world wars, I'm no longer certain that's accurate and it seems to me that the UK and US may have forced these wars to happen.

I would say that the threat from the Soviet union and the atrocities carried out by them were far greater than those carried out by Germany.

The death toll from the Bolsheviks is reportedly in the many tens of millions, with the Holodomor dwarfing the Holocaust in it's body count and the continued population reductions under Stalin.

After reading and hearing about the horrendous brutality of the CHEKA and NKVD, I could see why any Soviet advance was to be feared by neighbouring countries.

I am not and have never been anti Jewish, so I couldn't previously understand why Jews were persecuted, or why Ukrainians joined the SS and carried out the massacres at Babi Yar.

The perception that many of the NKVD / CHEKA were Jewish and the suspected / documented Jewish roles in Germany's previous defeat, clearly didn't help with matters.

Thankfully the Russia of today is not like the Soviet Union of old, otherwise NATO's constant provocations may have caused us all to have a meltdown.

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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Matthew Ehret

I was rapt listening to the fascinating context you provide to understand today’s events! Thank you Matt.

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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Matthew Ehret

Excellent, Matthew. Not surprised about Finland. Sweden will likely follow.

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So what's your point ? They were fighting against the communistic Soviet while the so called allies were helping the mass murderer Stalin . Also you forgot to mention Stalin building up the German war machine before the war . German pilots were trained in the Soviet .

The US pumped $6 billion into Lenin's pocket . Who is the dirtiest one in this picture?

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Finland's role of the war of 1938-1945 was well know, but later dismissed by the press who sought to explain the fins had been pushed into this war by Germany; it was great to read the truth of the matter

Regarding NATO I regard this org. as fascistic and criminal. Yes, Ukraine is full of Nazis and is also utterly corrupt

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Gen. Mannerheim would be glad!

"Finland is safter." Yeah, and the covid shots are "safe and effective," too. Not.

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Or the whole narrative of Fascist Nazism vs. Marxist Communism is a convenient division of world people's for the same wealthy elite Authoritarians to use and exploit for their labor and wealth, lesser people viewed as property like cattle. Hitler and Stalin did sign their pact, with secret protocols, that wasn't just about Stalin buying time - both systems are naturally more compatible with each other than western liberal capitalism that respects individual liberty and freedom. Both Stalin and Hitler (and Mussolini) shared loathing for the individualists, hating them more than their putative geopolitical rivals.

And American high society and industry was in the main proponents of Fascism, including the practice of eugenics with Supreme Court rulings declaring "three generations of imbeciles is enough!" that inspired Hitler's death industry...that American industrialists profited from.

In that context this history of Finland and Nazism presentation, while accurate in the parts it tells omits a much bigger global picture; these events did not happen in isolation to other, bigger, even more malign global interests. With a home in the UK and US, Switzerland, Netherlands, Rome, in all of the wealth centers of the world.

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Out of context half - truths

For example

"" no less than 1408 Finnish volunteers served directly in SS Panzer division carrying out mass atrocities including the extermination of Jews and other war crimes"

They served in 5th SS Viking Division that it is significant to say , no members were ever charged with war crimes by Allied Victors Tribunals , even Soviet Stalinist ones.

That the article puts forth the very idea of Panzer Divisions being used for Police work ( counter - insurgency exterminating ) , when tanks are desperately needed at front line , bogles me.

"" As the Finnish SS Wiking Division advanced via west Ukraine between July-August 1941, over 10,000 civilians were killed in Lviv"

A "Division" of 1,408 ?

The 10,000 "civilians" were mostly Stalinist agents killed in retribution for the slaughter of millions of Ukrainians.

The word "civilian" itself is misleading.

It only means they were not soldiers.

Most of them were N. K. V. D. Police executioners , but technically "Civilians".

The Fins made up one battalion out of about a dozen in the Viking division, and who claims these front line troops were involved in killing any of the 10,000 ?

Then, article goes on to misrepresent

"The Strange Case of Finland’s Enduring Swastika"

""The origin of von Rosen's swastika is actually from the Vikings, as he adopted it when he was a child in Gotland" ( 1880s )

Hitler was not yet born then.

If the Finish Swastika had anything to do with National Socialism , the Soviets would have never tolerated it's continued use when Finland was at their mercy at the close of W W 2 .

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Really marvelous work Matthew. Thank you.

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" However, Finland, under the control of Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim and Prime Minister Risto Ryti rejected Russia’s offer."

Ryti became the PM when the war started, but was not the PM while the prewar negotiations were going on. The prime minister was Aimo Cajander.

"The pro-German government of Ryti and Mannerheim had publicly been cozying up to the Germans during the 1930s"

Since "the pro-German government of Ryti and Mannerheim" did not actually exist until (arguably) the war started (this description would leave off president Kallio, as well as many other actors), it of course couldn't have done this. Cajander's government was anything but pro-German; a pro-German government would not have made a Foreign Minister out of Rudolf Holsti, who actually had to leave his job after (allegedly) getting drunk at a governmental reception and saying that Hitler was a mad dog who should have been shot.

By any standard Winter-War-era Soviet Union was more aligned to Nazi Germany than Finland was; a simple fact that I have never seen anyone conclusively rebut without misleading or outright false information. Post-Winter-War era was, of course, different - but those differences are a direct result of the unjustified Soviet invasion.

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There are people in Sweden fully aware of all of this. Thank you for this text!

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Mr. Ehret,

I wish to commend you for your insights and those of Ms. Chung.

I must inform you that one French Substacker just published hours ago that CIA's nazi operatives recruits entirely created the Soviet communist history.

What is more, we now know that the entire Khrushchev Report is totally fake (and maybe the "Khrushchev Memoirs," too) . . .

What is your take on this?


And, indeed. These creepy crooks only number about 8,500 people!

But humanity has been there before. It's only about "never again repeats itself" in a "circle game," as it always had . . . since the beginning of time.

Have seen this?


Here's the thing: "Adolf Eichmann (1906–1962) was the man behind the execution of the Final Solution. He fled to Argentina at the end of the Second World War, but was kidnapped by Israeli agents in 1960 to stand trial. This is the story of that trial. The Eichmann trial marks a real turning point in the emergence of the memory of the genocide of the Jews, in Israel, Germany and the United States. It is the first major transnational narrative that constructs the genocide of the Jews as a distinct event in the Second World War. It was intended as such by those who organised it in Jerusalem. [...] Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion referred to it as a “Nuremberg of the Jewish people”. It also marks the advent of the witness. History is now told by those who were its victims. The perception of the “trial moment” as a turning point is now part of the common knowledge on the construction of the memory of the genocide."

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As an aside Hitler visited Mannerheim in Finland in June 1942. The meeting took place in a railway car and u known to Hitler parts of it were recorded by a sound engineer.


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Nazis in NATO, in the WEF, in the CIA, FBI, Central Banks, CCP. Nazis control the NWO. Who are Nazis and where in hell did they come from? So many “Jews” among them. Khazaria, Jesuits, Vatican, Freemasons. Did evil originate with the Nazis, or were nazis descended from other unknown ancient wicked archetypes? Hitler was a Rothschild grandson, Rothschilds are crypto Jews from Khazaria. Your works and the works of many others are filling out a complex and simple story. evil exists and it is operating on a vast coordinated global scale.

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